11/10/2020 17:27

$Titan Pharma This stock & it's shareholders are the epitome of "Robinhood Trading" gone wrong.

No profits. -16 Million a year in losses. -99% stock returns. It's a penny stock for a reason. Only good stocks go up. Reverse split just because the company is desperate to raise capital & needs to remain compliant with listing rules. All fundamentals say not to buy this. Yet due to the very low average account balance of the new Webull/Robinhood trader, & lack of the ability to do a proper company profile, mixed with everyone posting 99% positive, spammy reviews with hashtags of multiple corporations that aren't even linked to each other - everyone just bandwagons themselves to loss after loss. This is worse than playing the lotto. It's literally a poor man's tax. I feel for you guys. SELL IT & buy $Snowflake Inc or some other high growth stock like $Palantir Technologies Inc.

You're welcome!
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Itstherealz11/11/2020 03:19


J.c***com11/10/2020 22:15
I hope you guys understand that OP is saying to buy PLTR not get out of it....


Everest11/10/2020 18:20
what happen? you miss out the $9 buy in opportunities?


Boondock-Saint11/10/2020 18:13
Lol... why r you so hating on people trying to trade? Are any of them asking you for help? Their money their responsibility...The 100 πŸ‘Š


Houston...11/10/2020 17:57
you have a zero percent chance of winning the lotto if you never play


Robert Ryan11/10/2020 17:53
haters gonna hate b.$$


taf***com11/10/2020 17:48
U buy your $Snowflake Inc , I buy my $Palantir Technologies Inc. We'll see who will have the higher returns in 3 to 5 years' time.

828****65611/10/2020 18:18

Day Traders= Gamblers

taf***com11/10/2020 18:09

I'll stick to my strategy. I ain't buying Snowflake coz u said I should. I don't need to be pursuaded to buy Snowflake by someone who probably knows as much as I do but is trying to seem like he knows more than I do.

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828****65611/10/2020 17:40
Yawn, trOlls like you have been saying the same crap since October, and its up over 30 percent. You probably sold for a loss a month ago, now you come here to make others miserable like you.

Wil***com11/10/2020 19:17

How is it trash? 1000 shares at $8.50 and now its consistently above 13... you should get a refund on your financial education

828****65611/10/2020 18:49

You are not helping, you are ranting. and the only reason for you to do that, is because you got burned. You sounded like a guy who got dumped by his girl, and then rants about how β€œtrash” women are. Dont believe you for a second that you never owned this, why else would you come here? If i could post a picture in a reply i’d glady share my profits

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