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All Comments(21)

Zaz***com11/11/2020 13:58
go to jail you thieving piece of sht. and sit with your butt buddy Tim Sykes .. the stock market was made for investors


Mar***com11/11/2020 12:26
At least he doesn’t have thousands of dollars trapped in this


774****31211/11/2020 10:16
oh my God a hundred shares lol what you making 1 to 2 cent gains and bragging about it 🤣


Dr DoLittle11/11/2020 05:06
Better off panhandling 🤣


trum11/11/2020 04:04
Nobody likes to see numbers like that but I think his point stands.
Overall made 10% profit in 1 (first buy and sell) + 4 (second round) = 5 days.

The percentage and the time-frame performance are what matter in this case.
If you can afford to risk more and want to, go ahead and make 10% of that.

It's also funny how some of the biggest investors in history, such as Buffett, recommend the same strategy. Ask him if 10% return in 5 days is a good return. Everybody knows the answer to that.

Good job che*!


Ayer$upply11/11/2020 03:08


jcn***com11/11/2020 03:00
12% a year?lol lol lol it better be a month or less, if not the trade. 35% on inovio today alone! get it. 12% a year i.m not getting out of bed. lol

your.maker11/11/2020 19:34

lol...35% today. how much do you make a year? how old are you? value of your house? surely you'd like to brag about those numbers too


Señor Glasshands11/11/2020 02:39
so what are you gonna do with that 10 dollars you got get a bj from the street corner hooker?


Itstherealz11/11/2020 02:34
Our country is fecked!!!


Chefjess11/11/2020 02:21
I got a good laugh,I appreciate it bud.

cake.fresco11/11/2020 03:27

so effing funny


cyn***com11/11/2020 02:04
now you can buy that pack of gum

cake.fresco11/11/2020 03:26

lmfaooooo 💀


Hugh Jassole 11/11/2020 01:43
those are some pretty big gains🤣🤣🤣


LittleLesnar11/11/2020 01:32
wow great job LMAO 😂


Mike199611/11/2020 01:10
Lol U so funnny


opa***com11/11/2020 01:08
lmao tryin to scalp with no money he'll be rich in like 70yrs


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