11/19/2020 22:12

$Naked Brand well i shit canned. I'm new to all this. got caught up in the hype of this stock a few months back. bought in at .28 and was holding. it dropped to .06 like a falling star. I managed to average down several times to .095 with 8100 shares. watched this thing bar code for weeks, got frustrated and sold for a small loss over all considering..... that was last week. BIG lesson learned.

I read these fucking comments from people in here telling me to sell, telling me it would be delisted etc etc.

here's the kicker. I did tge same thing with $Gulfport Energy and $Titan Pharma and all 3 have risen within this week. total potential profits as of todsy were roughly $5,500.

don't listen to anyone in here. do your own research. trust what you've learned.

congrats to everyone that held on. YOU'RE ME HEROS.
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Rollfat11/20/2020 03:09
I share a similar path. I began trading in August and have 3x my acct since then, But have a definite list of timing and hold length lessons that I too have experienced that ended up either in red or literally hours of selling and watching it take off, I began a keep it small perspective and been trying hard to keep focused on a few strategies. I enjoy these threads for ideas, minor educational tid bits and above all else, to simply share good times while trading. I was taken in early by comments and paid the cost of doing so, just as you have. I try real hard now Not to get caught up in that perspective and make and try and keep my own clear decisions based on my own applied merits. ..😊 I may wear clown shoes sometimes but I am holding my own over all and my success rates are improving.. I wish you the best of luck and if you have good thoughts or good humor, Share, lot's of us out here!!πŸ˜ŠπŸ”


Shenanigans11/19/2020 22:23
I did the same with SNDL. I got greedy and missed this, I still sold for a profit but I didn't trust my gut to sell at its high.

816****77511/20/2020 01:47

my 15000 went in the trash I made that day because I cant get a gf violation. switching my account as soon as this goes off again. twice I have been screwed for over 20,000πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

mik***com11/19/2020 23:30

I screwed up on SNDL, too. Got greedy when I was way up in unrealized profit, but saw I had actually been even higher (and hadn’t noticed). Waited for a return to the really big bucks, which never happened. Then rode it down and ended up selling for only $550 profit on its way back down. Oh well, profit is profit.

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Money Yahweh 11/19/2020 22:22
Yep i done it to but if u held for months u should have just keep holding a lil longer go with stocks on up trend read charts and study never listen to them losers they are paresites


stillneeddayjob11/19/2020 22:21
however I fomo'd this ways back and got my average down to .25 and now have like 37k shares or something and been sitting on this pig for a solid year about. so I'm ready toake some $.

nomobags11/19/2020 22:23

hell yeah. that's what's up. I hope you rep all the benefits from it. congrats on the last couple days.


nomobags11/19/2020 22:20
I appreciate all the positive feedback. im studying like crazy. made a couple good trades this week. not letting this bother me, after all it is gambling but definitely taking the lesson learned and moving forward.

Rollfat11/20/2020 03:21

I am with you 100% and just sharing..πŸ˜ŠπŸ”

Rollfat11/20/2020 03:21

I disagree in a sense of..it should not be gambling.. get in tune with a few upcoming and quality companies with a good visual presence in the market, examples are a few of the EV sector companies or mining is hot right now and get in sync with the nature of the action and who seems present and when volume is expectant. Be strategic and a Miser when buying and begin capturing small gains of 8-10% on things and if it looks proper wait for that 20%+ and scale in and out of positions.. GL!!πŸ˜ŠπŸ”


631****72111/19/2020 22:19
it happens. I made some slight mistakes as well new to investing this stock I held hard. never an easy thing investing glad it turned around for you at original poster (op).


Shy***com11/19/2020 22:18
Been there. It was part of my learning process. I will hold a bag before I sell for a loss in a stock I did DD on and believe in.


Postponed Progress11/19/2020 22:18
Be cautious of comments here. Do your own DD. Best of luck :)


Ger***com11/19/2020 22:18
Yeah bro always do your research on a stock and if you feel confident on your trading skills on how to read charts and patterns then go for the trade if it makes sense and dont let anyone influence your position cause at the end of the day they are commenting for their agenda, not yours. it also helps to be patient and not to panic/stress sell.

nomobags11/19/2020 22:22

I'm definitely learning. getting better at reading charts. made a couple good small trades this week and getting a feel for things. looking back I should've known troll are everywhere but hey, you haveto learn somehow right


Cars2bikes 11/19/2020 22:16
Check out @🎲 SpudZone for very helpful advice and alerts along with education for next to nothing

Ger***com11/19/2020 22:21

Hes good but at the end of the day hes just alerting/making a list of Stocks that could possibly run. Every traders end goal should be learning the stock market for themselves and making their own calls, not follow someone else’s.


Trading11/19/2020 22:16
yes those are shorts lol these comments should not be taken seriously

nomobags11/19/2020 22:24

lesson learned


WHAT STOCK !11/19/2020 22:16
You gotta feel confident from start to finish i play with small money so that way if its down a lot i Dont care i can just hold and come back later good lesson tho to learn from sounds like your right on the money good luck


J.🐝11/19/2020 22:15
Did the same and sold with a small profit

nomobags11/19/2020 22:26

I'm not disgusted that i took a small loss considering how bad it originally was. definitely kicking myself for listening to the trolls and selling but it's a process I see now.


opa***com11/19/2020 22:14
I've definitely made that mistake and so is probably every other person in here lmao 🀣 you got this


pro***com11/19/2020 22:14
I just bought after they met listing requirements, skipped all the unknown πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

302****33711/19/2020 22:26

so they already met listing? someone said they need to reach $1 on monday or it will get delisted.


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