11/20/2020 09:34

$Titan Pharma ok im still learning, big curve for me. Definitely holding. But may I get some advice on how to deal with whats happening? havent had a stock that has just shot up. have had nice gains. but still trying to learn how to read the market right. hasnt clicked for me yet. whats the expected top? and will this drop like a rock like before or is this only the beginning for titans stock growth?
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All Comments(5)

CRYPTO NATION11/20/2020 09:36


Fiz11/20/2020 09:36
Nobody can really tell exactly wear it can go. its on a decent uptrend right now, and I'll be holding for a bit. I'm also new to all this, and hoping that it goes up so I can get a decent car for work because mine broke down πŸ˜‚

Fiz11/20/2020 09:40

Goodluck to you man! hope this all goes well!

OMM***com11/20/2020 09:38

I know that feeling. been needing amobility chair for the last yr. why is tarted to invest to hopefully reach that goal and have some left over to invest more. totally know how that goes my friend.


FuturamaFresh11/20/2020 09:36
nobody knows for sure but take a portion of your profits if you see it starting to curve downwards

OMM***com11/20/2020 09:39

good advice thank you.


OMM***com11/20/2020 09:35
I only have a few thousand shares and this is really my first big investment for my financial scale.


try***com11/20/2020 09:35
You never lose taking profits

OMM***com11/20/2020 09:36

finding myself wanting to sell, as I have now doubled my money. at same time In not sure if this is going to keep going up or? dont want to drop on a sip with a continued growth after.lol


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