02/23/2021 10:35

Entire market is down people. To new investors, a day or season like this shows what an investor is truly made of lol.. I'm sure many haven't seen a red sea like this before. You have to withstand and endure sometimes. The wave isn't always trending upward but it shall trend up again. It always comes back. The question is can you endure or will you panic ? Welcome to the market πŸ‘ŒπŸ’Žγ€½οΈ

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All Comments(10)

royalflushallin202102/23/2021 13:52
I'm new and did panic and make mistakes but im definitely more prepared now im gonna wait it out.buy... the way how long does this red last

Dee02/23/2021 22:56

That depends on a number of factors whether it be news announcements, earnings reports or an overall rise in a market from huge sectors such as S&P 500


BobBob02/23/2021 12:02
buy low timeπŸ’―


SouthernBellemama02/23/2021 11:33
Lol i know right they should of seen last march


BklynBully02/23/2021 11:27
Exactly. Ive been here b4. Rode it out. Wish i bought more of the dips when they went below my purchase price. Buy the red, Sell the green.


Candlestick02/23/2021 11:12
are you saying this wont just happen again tomorrow?

Death2Ming02/23/2021 12:19

February has always been a red month for me. I made the mistake of panic selling last year, just to have everything I sold rocket over the next couple of months.

BklynBully02/23/2021 11:26

Just know its a buyers market. Red is buy, Green is sell


Vulgata02/23/2021 11:11


ras***com02/23/2021 10:40
i regret this day for not keeping more funds in account perfect buying dips

pak***com02/23/2021 10:47

They're going to keep creating dips for people to become insolvent and then tank the stocks into bankruptcy

πŸ€‘WALL STREET WINNERπŸ€‘02/23/2021 10:46

Wait till it gets even better for buying dips tomorrow ;)


T-raiders02/23/2021 10:40
Its crazy


Zee02/23/2021 10:39
Sell some and buy back ?


TulipManiac02/23/2021 10:39
Words of wisdom πŸ™πŸ»


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