05/27/2020 11:09

$T2 Biosystems Wake up, Webull!! PM at .82 on Google Finance. I hate it when Webull doesn't update.
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dal***com05/27/2020 11:46
It finally woke up and started updating! Woohoo!


tsmith370z05/27/2020 11:21
Ameritrade has it between .81-.82

dal***com05/27/2020 11:37

Yep. Same time on mine. I would be mad as hell if a stockk I owned suddenly popped and I was unable to take advantage because the platform I use wasn't updating properly.

tsmith370z05/27/2020 11:28

same, last trade shown on webull is from 6:15am

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Kka***com05/27/2020 11:17
Actually webull are the ones ahead. Last 3 sales were at .72.

Trazo71405/27/2020 13:54

Mine also at 79 since PM , really getting annoying looking fir a good trading app one that also does otc,otcbb, pink sheets anyone ? I googled it then ended up with another app i dont really understand and then after saying they traded otc turns out they recently stopped so noW i have 3 trading apps and cant trade whatever i choose if i choose to trade otc ?

Kka***com05/27/2020 13:18

Toggle your wifi connection and go on cellular for a minute. Usually works for me!

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