05/28/2020 00:13

$VelocityShares Daily 2x VIX ST ETN i see it gapping down again in the am for a good buy. Volitility is staying high in perspective to how the s and p is flying. But when the floor falls out from under the s and p i would not be suprised to see this over 1k but I dont expect it. Volitility has been getting lower and lower while people get comfortable investing, the scary part is all it takes in one bad bit of news to change the outcome (there is a lot of potential for bad news). Think of it as a stock in a good company that dropped like a hat because of a false story. Truth come to light and it goes right back up. I am not saying to buy hold, that is a bad idea because the stock market could keep on trucking and leave you in the dust pennyless. Pay attention to the lows, now being 136, 137, those are your buy points, and your highs are 155, 160, I expect both to go lower until that day which could be tmro, could be a week, could be a month or not at all(doubt that) until that day this will be my cash cow. hopefully I can double my portfolio before that day. good luck to all. This is not my only play, just one that is easy clean rises and falls to play off of that has been pretty reliable, other than last week. lol
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