05/27/2020 22:58

$Twitter Trump just keeps digging himself a hole on this one. He needs Twitter and they benefit from traffic due to his Presidency and tweets. But an executive order? What?
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Difster05/28/2020 00:28
he is not digging a hole. the President along with the rest of us are sick and tired of the these godless left wing liberals trying to dictate what we read, think and say. it is a proven fact that mail in voting has so much fraud attached to it. but the stupid lefties only read headlines and never actually fact check. the let twitter be their god.

Nigel05/28/2020 00:57


Krissyd8205/28/2020 00:33

what would Trump do without Twitter? Please when was there massive mail in voting fraud? Just because Trump says something does not mean its true. I mean come on he lies all the time.


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