01/09/2021 01:39

$Twitter Trump had too much power and was too radical on social media im happy that He is banned forever on twitter and facebook one snap from that guy and Our cities are on fire, way to dangerous to keep him on the platform. twitter should get a gold medal for putting an end to The mess we have had for 4 years. now that its iver the stock will rise due to less political drama and actually the platform growing based on its purpose of use not for some greedy wanna be ruler of the world accounts like trump
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btr***com01/09/2021 04:20
you can just tell by the pic she's a far left libπŸ˜‚


Mad MAX 01/09/2021 02:56
Calm down lady.


Lek***com01/09/2021 02:06
So if they can do this to the most powerful person on the planet, imagine what they can do to you???

mik***com01/09/2021 02:40

She's fine with it unless it happened to her or someone she knows.

Jose01/09/2021 02:20



rckrz601/09/2021 01:53
Cities on fire ? Are you talking about blm?


BabyMommaBankAccount01/09/2021 01:43
This guy supporting the ban pf our president wants china to run his country. Super sad the blindness of some people

mar***com01/09/2021 01:54

Try actually quoting him...

Timl189501/09/2021 01:52

he never ask for it

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D Rod 01/09/2021 01:43


fox***com01/09/2021 01:41
That's was Barry Obama and his man Michale but your political bias blinds you

fox***com01/09/2021 02:01

You first kiddo

D Rod 01/09/2021 01:43

grow up 🀑


bry***com01/09/2021 01:40
So you don’t like free-speech yikes

D Rod 01/09/2021 01:44

stop smokin crack


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