01/09/2021 02:13

$Twitter People are braindead. This is a private company that has their own ToS and policies and Section 230 protects that. Twitter is not taking Trump’s freedom of speech instead their only cutting of a source of output. He still has many ways to communicate so he still has freedom of speech just outside of this PRIVATE company.
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All Comments(11)

bri***com01/09/2021 05:40
Go have a mc rib and STFU


bio***com01/09/2021 05:05
What a Moron.


w20***com01/09/2021 03:35
gtfoh commie


ML€01/09/2021 02:47
Yet they allow IRAN to spew death to israel shit all day FOH


YourWife’sBoyfriend01/09/2021 02:19
Everyone saying I’m bagholding lmao just goes to show how fast these 🎺 are at assuming. Lmao go ahead and sell im buying this on discount. Trump isn’t the only celebrity on that platform🤣

YourWife’sBoyfriend01/09/2021 02:21

I don’t own TWTR stock but will soon.


Lil Nas X Stan Account01/09/2021 02:18
Imagine telling a Trump supporter: No, immigrants must be allowed to live in your house now cuz we repealed property rights. 🤦‍♂️ Perhaps the most obnoxious, bratty cult in all of history.


...01/09/2021 02:18
Dont feed the troll


Raptors Fan01/09/2021 02:18
Nobody cares... they are sillicon valley communist who allow jihadist terrorists on the platform by deplatform Trump.

TyrannosaurusFINANCE 01/09/2021 02:24



Timl189501/09/2021 02:17
problem is when trump leave Twitter he will bring very high % of their followers to new platform 88m in 30% will be 25m this company is shit without trump

Lil Nas X Stan Account01/09/2021 02:20

Social media has a SERIOUS problem with fake news if you haven't noticed? Getting rid of the head writer is one step towards fixing that problem.


velvetmerlin 01/09/2021 02:16
enjoy bagholding, cuck


PeterParlay01/09/2021 02:14
Lol suck it up bagholder the market doesnt care about logic

YourWife’sBoyfriend01/09/2021 02:17

I don’t own any stock in this but I will soon when y’all zombies following everything Trump says sell and this dips.


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