Lil Nas X Stan Account

01/09/2021 03:53

$Twitter LOL, actually I was thinking this would go down Monday, too. Except every Trump supporter I know IRL has some chip on their shoulder, needs anger management, lies pointlessly, and, to the point, IS WRONG ABOUT ALMOST EVERYTHING, usually to their own detriment and at a level which really makes you wonder how they function.

So, this will probably skyrocket. 🚀🤷‍♂️
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All Comments(11)

...01/09/2021 04:10
He’s reaching ultra 😂

Mad MAX 01/09/2021 15:07

He's there for sure

Lil Nas X Stan Account01/09/2021 04:12

^Hitagi lover


Yeassssi01/09/2021 04:09
...there?s something I?ve been meaning to ask you. Only because you haven?t gotten around to asking me. Will you, um, stick it up my a?

Lil Nas X Stan Account01/09/2021 04:09

I'm asexual.


fra***com01/09/2021 04:06
Or you could just be a Butthurt Lib making shit up.

©LOWN BUYDIP ALLDAY01/09/2021 04:08

Point exactly... butthurt about what bruh? 🤦‍♂️

Lil Nas X Stan Account01/09/2021 04:08

You prolly check some boxes. 🤔


bio***com01/09/2021 04:02
Im blocking you just for being a jakass.


Lil Nas X Stan Account01/09/2021 03:59


...01/09/2021 03:57
This dude is a legit autist leave him alone 😂

...01/09/2021 04:07

I feel you bro ive got a bit of it in me as well im sure 😅

bobj 01/09/2021 04:04

can't resist lol. I'm an autist myself but a green autist hahs


mistermommy01/09/2021 03:56
75,000,000 people are wrong about.... everything... always?

©LOWN BUYDIP ALLDAY01/09/2021 04:07


©LOWN BUYDIP ALLDAY01/09/2021 04:03

He VERY CLEARLY stated ones “ he knows in real life”. You injecting 75 mil others is a prime example of the non-sense he’s referencing 🤦‍♂️


bobj 01/09/2021 03:55
show me on this doll where Trump hurt you. stay broke little boy.


...01/09/2021 03:55
Full sperg out 🤣🤡😂🤣🤡


Raptors Fan01/09/2021 03:55
Nah ppl abondaning it and going to Parler


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