01/09/2021 06:54

It seems alot of you guys are confused about the Parler ban so lets clear some stuff up.

1.Google has banned/taken Parler from the play store
2.Apple has NOT banned/taken Parler from the app store like Google instead they gave Parler 24hrs to respond to accusations about Parler being used to coordiante the capital riot and etc.
3.Parleer CEO denied the claims against them and claims this is an attack on freedom of speech and has and will always comply with Apples rules and regulations

So nothing is set in stone so keep an eye out on Apple tomorrow.
Parler is already been taken down from the play store, if Apple also bans them its basically over for them.

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πŸ‘Wayne🀘01/10/2021 12:20
no. parler will be on new servers come tuesday. its already done.

big techs days are numbered.

you wont find it on google lol. so use Duck Duck go
but look up "italian president arrested " and "Guantonimo bay" the vatican has already been locked down.

there will ne internet black outs and such so stock up on food and gas for a 5-10 stretch.

Ay201/11/2021 09:44

Big tech days are numbered?! Really?! What will replace them? Chinese companies? πŸ€”


Mean01/09/2021 16:06


lgo***com01/09/2021 15:07
just log in at parler.com you don't need the app


MAGA Pede01/09/2021 11:15
Download and install parler via tha apk you do need the play store.


Tele01/09/2021 08:11


jos***com01/09/2021 06:58
markets are closed tomorrow 😒 😫 😩 πŸ˜ͺ 😭

Carma01/09/2021 07:28

invest in bitcoin

Stiffery01/09/2021 06:59

Markets closed doesnt mean news wont come out πŸ™„


Guido3201/09/2021 06:57

joh***com01/09/2021 07:22

bye bye aapl gonna send itself right in the crapper


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