01/09/2021 13:57

$Twitter $Facebook $Alphabet $Apple
That awkward moment when Trump supporters think we're going to become a socialist/communist country with Biden as our President 🤡 I guess it's time to load up these shares since Trumpies are going to give us a nice discount letting emotions influence their trades and be willing to sell for less just because they want out.

Also remember AOC for 2024 because we're headed for Democratic Socialism next right? I mine as well go all out because many of y'all are gonna block this boy. Remember it's important to be politically involved, engage your community, and eat the rich.
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ROCKETMAN🚀01/11/2021 01:04
the Communist party exercised control over the media and was responsible for censorship. Media served as an important form of control over information and thus of society


fickn201/10/2021 01:35
Kinda like that awkward moment when you walked in on your mom and I in the basement and she couldn't say anything because her mouth was full... Btw were done 😏 you can go back to your room 🤡

McGuirk01/10/2021 06:39

to you, current politics is like a BJ interrupted by kids. you Trumpistas are something else!


Rebel Scum01/09/2021 22:29
bahahaha... whoever wrote this post is really confused. but CCP media will do that to a person. it's sad to see the minds of the youth deteriorate before they get a chance to develop.

McGuirk01/10/2021 00:02

what media educates you?!


Me01/09/2021 20:02
Check back with you at 4:05 Monday Morning 👀


McGuirk01/09/2021 19:56
silly Trumpistas, rioting at federal buildings is bad!


OtherPeoplesMoney01/09/2021 17:25
you should definitely by more if you think everything is fine😏


gus***.es01/09/2021 15:58
Hahahahaha twitter is going down!!!!


Indicatonater01/09/2021 15:40
You must be edJukadid to the hilt.. Guess you were in the woods smokin pole the day the first ammendment was covered.. Oh wait!.. They banned that type of book in schools under Obama.. My bad..


Tech01/09/2021 15:29
Section 203 affords them protection from prosection IN ORDER TO PROTECT THE FIRST AMENDMENT. If they are going to censor, they no longer deserve that protection, so, that would be a big 'That's not how any of this works' to you

I Take Ur Freeze Peach01/09/2021 17:04



Andykal01/09/2021 15:05
Watch a documentary on Venezuala. The similarity is uncanny.


maj***com01/09/2021 14:29
Walk through your house. You've been benefiting Communism ever since you bought your first your first " Made in China" product.


bry***com01/09/2021 14:12
So afraid if socialism theyd trade it for authoritarianism.

McGuirk01/09/2021 19:52

but embrace 2000$ socialist welfare checks!


Nic***com01/09/2021 14:11
Your protests over the summer have infringed on my rights.

McGuirk01/09/2021 19:54

so now it's okay for you to infringe on others rights? that's just normalization of behaviour you used to be appalled at.


les***com01/09/2021 14:09
Us trumpies just want transparent elections and truthfulness. The Twitter block on Trump is just the beginning my friend. I hope every Republican dumps this Monday. enjoy your dip.

McGuirk01/09/2021 19:53

you had transparency, when that failed you you turned to riots.

Ultraman01/09/2021 15:26

I Sold this one a while back when they started this 💩show. Apple will be dropped right before earnings

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Mrhydrate01/09/2021 14:07
either way the new records in the Market and stimulus only goes so far. I see a 20% correction coming in the next year if not more. you can't just stimulate the economy with 2k checks and almost 20% unemployment. 40% of the small business in cali will never open again. inflation, interest rates and taxes on business, people and engery is coming. enjoy the stimulus ride why you can. big correction coming and no one will be able to stop it.


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