01/09/2021 15:19

$Twitter Wow, I’m blown away by how many insensitive and ignorant Trump fanboys there are on here. If you don’t think him inciting that riot was wrong, you should take a serious look at your morals. Twitter warned him MANY times. If it were anyone else, they would’ve been banned much sooner. Trump did it to himself. No, “Big Tech” is not “censoring him.” They are preventing further damage from someone known to start problems. End of story.
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steven bichao01/09/2021 16:27
Trump said "I know many of you will march to DC, have your voices heard but do it patriotically and PEACEFULLY" how is that incitement?

Squid01/09/2021 16:31

Watch the speech he made the morning of the riot... He didn’t say ”peacefully.” Let alone his false claims convincing his supporters that the ”election was stolen.” It’s complete nonsense feeding division and encouraging a “fight” as his son put it.


levonant01/09/2021 15:39
understand that many of us here could care less about the politics of this move by twitter, only the insanely poor business sense of it. $Twitter like most social media companies has a horrible revenue plan and balance sheet. the company received insane free press and increase in value due in part to trump using it as his main source of communication for the past 5 years. for better or worse a trump tweet brought massive traffic and conversation to twitter daily. and Twitter just shut out their biggest and most electric account. so quite a few of us are just shocked by the incredibly foolish business move this was in the short term.

Squid01/09/2021 15:45

Solid argument from a business standpoint, I still think it was a better decision on their part before he communicated anything else that might’ve caused more damage.


John01/09/2021 15:36
my money doesn't care about your feelings...

Squid01/09/2021 15:56

And your point? 😂


sir***com01/09/2021 15:31
We had enough BLM riots. Cities burnt down for months. People moved out from California, NYC, Portland, etc but no one from the left got banned from Twitter.

Given2Fly01/10/2021 15:52

Notice the words you carefully use - "essentially what Trump did" - Squid, do you also feel it was ok for Kamala to raise bail money to free the thugs who committed federal crimes throughout the summer? Do you feel it was ok for prosecutors to turn a blind eye throughout the summer and not charge these domestic terrorists? Regardless of party affiliation, if you can't recognize how happy the media, along with many politicians are about what happened at the Capital, then you're kidding yourself.

Squid01/09/2021 16:07

Sorry but I didn’t see someone with 88 million followers saying burn it down. That’s essentially what trump did a couple days ago when he was silent for three hours after the mob was already breaking in. After that, he says “go home I love you.” WTF? What kind of president praises a mob? “I love you”

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Me01/09/2021 15:31
 "I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard."

Squid01/09/2021 15:57

March for what? Conspiracy theories? There’s more to the speech than what you wrote...


Tech01/09/2021 15:27
You're clueless. if you think a city that hosts hundreds of thousands of people for 4th of July can't protect the Capitol building, drink more kool-aid. That was allowed to happen to create the show.

bobj 01/09/2021 15:34

tech just spoon fed you solid facts and your still in the dark. ur hopeless 🐙 may your $500 portfolio burn 🔥

Squid01/09/2021 15:30

Oh yeah, all those senators who sat on the ground for hours and hours wanted this to happen. Listen to yourself.


Hawkinator01/09/2021 15:24
He never incited anything 😂 there is not one tweet he had that said any thing remotley to storming the capitol. where Were you all summer when BLM and antifa vandalized federal court houses in Portland and looted and burned the country? By your logic we should ban biden and kamala next because they incited those riots, but twitter is a lib biased app so that will never happen

Squid01/09/2021 16:00

Someone with 88m followers inciting a riot is a big deal. They aren’t going to magically change their policies over night. They can ban who they want, and after the hundreds of times they flagged him and warned him, he still continued his lies and incitement. They put their foot down. They won’t tolerate things that go against their TOS.

Hawkinator01/09/2021 15:31

Now compare what you just said to months and months of blm and antifa rioting. i could care less about who won the election, the people spoke. i just have a problem with big tech companies holding double standards when it comes to these things as they have been for years now and it will only get worse

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bobj 01/09/2021 15:23
so BLM was just a protest? none of them got banned


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