01/11/2021 03:52

$Fisker Inc If you have any money in the market at all, you need to sercure an exit strategy. The entire market may crash tomorrow. This is not a joke. You can thank big Tech for this. Please dont think im joking. Just look at futures and look at Crypto aswell. No one knows, but dontlie to yourself. The world is unstable and Tech just sealed the deal. Do your own homework before you do anything crazy. Just start an exit strategy, IMO.

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All Comments(14)

George01/11/2021 05:13
I mean wouldnt you just shift some moneg into a leveraged short etf to hedge and hold the long term stuff?

Imbrokebaby01/11/2021 07:50

this guy gets it


tuit2day 01/11/2021 04:52
big tech , big communist are the same at what point will people say, we are a constitutional republic democratically elected. with communist in charge and declaring the constitution a living breathing document we may see all of our civil rights taken.

rac***com01/11/2021 08:33



Grey Bush01/11/2021 04:42
Soooooo...Did QAnon tell you this or what? What we working with here???? 🤦🏻‍♂️

Pierce01/11/2021 05:21

Do your research. Watch the futures and keep an eye on Crypto. Everything is pointing to a literal crash. Including attitudes. Yes, attitudes! Im gonna play LMFA tomorrow, and if it flies im getting out of everything except Tesla.


cash!🤑01/11/2021 04:24

Pierce01/11/2021 04:27

Oh nice! Do you wear that lipstick when you blow dicks?


0101/11/2021 04:20
Then out your money into a bearish leveraged etf that goes up wHen the market goes down

Whitcoin01/11/2021 05:17

Like $uvxy?

diversification 01/11/2021 04:25

defense. learn something here. or a good reminder


Leo***com01/11/2021 04:08
Whatever happens, keep your money in. once the dust settles, we will all be made whole. LETS BURY THE STOCKS THAT HURT OUR DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC!

jcn***com01/11/2021 04:40

good job!


jed***com01/11/2021 04:02
that's just Elon scalping...its all good

Pierce01/11/2021 04:12



Blk Narcissus01/11/2021 04:02
Lol Yeah Going to be internet blackout and Trump is going to be goingnto arrest the traitors


Tbailey8201/11/2021 04:02
Why do you think this

Jav***com01/11/2021 08:22

Crypto needed a pullback before its last leg up. I am with you about a crash, but not yet either way I already have my silver plays since November to take advantage of the inflation coming our way and only utilizing A small portion of my equity for plays until we crash or keep this crazy bull run going.

Djt4hsc01/11/2021 04:48

where do I find this news?

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Nimblistic01/11/2021 04:02
Stfu doomer


Jared Vachon01/11/2021 03:56
Crazy i was actually starting to think the same thing


ste***com01/11/2021 03:56
i kinda knew the stock market would crash soon but really by tmr?

Austin Zoovie Shipton01/11/2021 04:43

@pierce what news are you referring to

Pierce01/11/2021 04:10

Im just looking at the news on the street. Right when it posted a bit over an hour ago, Crypto took the first hit. i hope not. But signs are pointing to Yes.


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