01/11/2021 14:22

$Twitter Are peoe aware Twitter has banned people before their dad Donald???

Why is it a big deal that they followed same rules they made? Hell they excused him for 4 yeara

All of us on here would have been booted had we said 1 percent of what that clown was spewing on there

It's not his personal newspaper
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keeks01/11/2021 14:29
No, this guy does not get it. They selectively chose to ban Trump and not others on the left who have antagonized and perpetuated violence in a much higher degree . It is the selective enforcement of their “community guidelines” and MASS cenorship/removal of conservative accounts for baseless reasons because they opposed MSM narratives . Many more than Trump have been banned and it is not like we will ever know the true number.


TiffanyD01/11/2021 14:29
He had 88 million followers. They go where he goes.


Nicolas Nailer 01/11/2021 14:26
Not even close to true. Joe Rogan even had a good podcast where twitter was called out for several (more than one) examples where they were targeting people. Not policies.


mando01/11/2021 14:24
what did he say exactly that was worthy of a ban?

mando01/11/2021 14:27

yeah the news said he was inciting violence but what did he actually say

Spock🖖🏻01/11/2021 14:26

inciting violence. specially on people like pence


Hansen01/11/2021 14:23
Agree! This will bounce back. In 2 weeks no will remember or care.


Savdini 01/11/2021 14:22
This guy gets it


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