Crypto Queen💕

01/11/2021 16:04

$Twitter literally BLM got to steal everything in sight and do whatever they wanted AND the media backed them up calling it reparations. Half a day after the capital protest, they call it terrorism and ban all conservative groups and apps and Trump. They don't care about your streets, they only care about themesleves. So remind me again, who is actually oppressed?
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Ninjas Attack01/14/2021 22:01
fxck twitter


YompsSkeeter01/14/2021 05:50
Marry me


dal***com01/11/2021 19:59
wow ur actually a dummy. i will unfollow don't worry.

Crypto Queen💕01/11/2021 21:07

says the dumb money asking about bitcoin 6 days ago for the first time 🤣 Please block me too. You disgust me


FOMO_DEMON🤬01/11/2021 18:07
you are 100% right and listen to me, you will not convince the people of the truth. they have a mental block and have been basically brainwashed by the media. people with conservative views are starting to be tracked. rn, just be silent and pray. the people we are wanting to convince will not believe us no matter what we say anymore. I worry it is almost too late .

Crypto Queen💕01/11/2021 18:31



007***com01/11/2021 16:22

squ***com01/11/2021 16:59

the perfect response😏

Crypto Queen💕01/11/2021 16:23

You better block me too


LemmeHoldSumEm01/11/2021 16:15
ya mama


J.D. Ryder01/11/2021 16:08
Thats because BLM and ANTIFA are the corperate HR system enforcers at the street level. Not very edgy revolutionaries if they are parroting Twitter HR memos and politician talking points.


Gag***com01/11/2021 16:08
They didn’t fail at overtaking a federal building LOL

BrokeAlbanian01/11/2021 16:09

Bro they’re idiots just leT them cry


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