01/11/2021 20:40

$Twitter You guys are dumb as hell. You do realize that webull is a chinese company operated in the U.S. YOu gave your information to them regardless and are complaining about communism on a chinese app. I use this because i make day trades here and there but you guys are crying. Stocks dont care avout your feelinngs cry some more
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Flakko01/11/2021 20:50
Webull doesnt censor american free speech. and hypothetically if they did, the companies doing it are american. The goverment should regulate violations of our constitution by american companies. And ban foreign companies that violate it


tra***com01/11/2021 20:48
Keep buying the dip let see how u like it😂😂😂


tra***com01/11/2021 20:46
So what!!! A cho ese company operate in Us Soil!!! What the fck are they goong to do? They themselves want to make money too so hje must behave


Nes01/11/2021 20:42
They cant read, dont bother 😂

Bez01/11/2021 21:12

Lol Accurate. Explaining reason to them doesnt work. Let them LARP until they get clapped


emoney01/11/2021 20:41
Someones a bag holder🤡🤡🤡

Alex01/11/2021 20:46

Look at my past posts and tell me who got money and who dont 😂 you dont even show gains in your profile broke kid


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