01/11/2021 23:25

$Twitter Remember when a bakery refused to bake a cake for a wedding because of their religious beliefs? Everyone on the right went on to defend them and everyone on the left cursed them out.

Now that Twitter kicked someone out of their platform because they broke their terms of service (you know, the stuff that we all totally read before we hit "accept"), the roles are reversed.

The hypocrisy is insane on both sides and this comment section is a great example of it 😂
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Godgiven01/11/2021 23:54
Remember when the “tolerance” Movement said screw “tolerance” and then was shorted to Oblivion?


Short $TOOL01/11/2021 23:53
Masterpiece cake shop isnt a good analogy. Here’s what the real issue is why is Jack Dorsey (who was been sent letters to terminate the supreme leader of Iran for calling to eliminate Israel and to bomb the US). Look at Trump’s Tweet archive and decide for yourself if that calls for permanent suspension. Social media execs shouldnt be allowed to do this and the fact that prime ministers care more about this than Americans shows a lot. Celebrate now but think of the implications this has you and I know damn well this wasnt done with breaking EULA.


Bez01/11/2021 23:44
Remember that one time? At band camp? When you trumpist cucks kept making illogical, irrational and nonsensical comparisons while never thinking anything through?
Yeah, its everyday... sit down dumb*ss

ThatOneTrader01/11/2021 23:46

Lmao I'm not a trumpist. Reread my comment liberal cuck


760****16101/11/2021 23:31
yeah 230 gives them special rights not to mention it isn't just trump that's just the story 10000s of thousands of conservatives have been permanent banned on twitter facebook instagram and the free speech app parler has been taken off apple Amazon and google stores and in a combined effort all at the same time. they are trying to get rid of free speech.

I Take Ur Freeze Peach01/11/2021 23:40

lol 230 repealed and conservatives will get banned on the daily. they fact check nothing. prolly the fbi notified these companies about terrorism. chill.


Tech01/11/2021 23:29
No dude. That bakery isn't afforded special rights by Section 230. Get educated.

ThatOneTrader01/11/2021 23:50

Section 230 prevents companies from getting hurt by things that are posted on their platform by someone who isn't affiliated with their company, but when the president is a whiny soyboy that wants to watch the country crumble, they have to do something about it, wouldn't you agree?

Bez01/11/2021 23:43

They cant help but make nonsensical comparisons. They dont think anything through


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