01/12/2021 01:25

$Facebook $Twitter Have peaked and their censorship is going to go down in history as the biggest catalyst for the second American Cold Civil War. Yes, private companies have the right, but silencing one side of a story during the modt controversial electoon outcome in history just creates more division and more hate.
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Bez01/12/2021 02:00
Its not “one side of the story”... its lies to arouse the rabble which it did... and the US capitol was stormed by domestic terrorists whos goals were to capture the VP and other elected officials... enjoy being labeled domestic terrorists because the shoe fits. Sycophants.


Bez01/12/2021 01:57
Wouldnt let me post this so Ill just screenshot


Should've.Could've.01/12/2021 01:31
all election officials say their voting systems are the most secure in history. Plenty of recounts. voter spotters and margin of voter fraud is very low.

the ballots rescanned multiple times were rescanned the same exact amount of times by someone else. so they didn't add any more ballots. they didn't need to.. the democrats already won.

yak***com01/12/2021 01:41

seems like you like to pick and choose

Neighbor01/12/2021 01:41

Then Trump most have fixed “unsecured” elections the left was screaming about in 2016?

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