01/12/2021 12:38

Ironic $Twitter $Facebook $Alphabet $Alphabet attempting to slay a monster their complacency and abbetting almost single handedly unleashed. To whatever extent a corporation is reflective of humans, and the nature of which we are comprised, I don’t expect many surprises here if they’re holding ”themselves“ to account... just big moves. Here for the comments. Here for the money. Bullish
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Money01/12/2021 12:52
Hell yeah calls on in 🤑🤑🤑🤑

©LOWN BUYDIP ALLDAY01/12/2021 14:33

My man Money get it bro!!!


sandermancity01/12/2021 12:47

©LOWN BUYDIP ALLDAY01/12/2021 14:33

Not just free speech this week or next. Surely you understand there is no free speech “ever” if the pillars which america is built on are destroyed?

©LOWN BUYDIP ALLDAY01/12/2021 14:30

Stop the steal is a tool concocted by someone who wants to do the actual stealing of an american presidential election. The tool was quite effective in a number of ways, convincing almost half of the american population and was almost a success. That same tool was used to attack one of our most precious institutions... they represent you and I in that building they desecrated last week. They all apoarently used the social media outlets to organize something capable of destroying everything 🤦‍♂️


sandermancity01/12/2021 12:44
I don't know, I would take into consideration that they are censoring the president regardless of what whether or not you like what he has to say and now they're censoring American citizens. it's not only our right to be able to say what we want, but it's our right to make the choice to read or listen, it's being made for us. puts you in the same boat as the person who wants to listen when you don't want to listen because neither one of you have a choice when Facebook decided you're not allowed to.

©LOWN BUYDIP ALLDAY01/12/2021 14:17

All in an attempt to steal an AMERICAN PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION. I see know equivalence in protecting right to speech in my house and with words powerful enough to destroy my house. So much for keeping it short 😜 good luck to you my fellow american!!!

©LOWN BUYDIP ALLDAY01/12/2021 13:59

...behavior which compromise the very foundation from which the right of free speech was built. So, while i absolutely aporeciate your concern, it is for the very reason you replied to my post. If our democracy is broken, if america breaks, free speech will be the last of any of our concerns. Exceptional circumstances often requre exceptional measures.

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