01/12/2021 17:37

$Twitter Why do people have such a problem with that Q-Anon or whatever? Aren't they just a group who believes that there is pedophilia and other corruption in the highest parts of government and they think if they listen to trump close enough they can do something about it? I mean I don't believe in that. But is it really so wrong to want to stand up to corruption? I get they are mostly conspiracy theorists. But honestly, someone explain what is so wrong about them. I don't understand. liberals, this is your chance to prove a point to me. explain please :)
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I Take Ur Freeze Peach01/12/2021 17:42
Because it's a cult. Some of their "members" shot up a pizza place because they thought "kids might be inside." Literally braindead zombies. 💀

cjv***com01/12/2021 17:52

and btw Freeze Peach. if your problem is them being a cult im curious how you feel about scientology. do you hold them to the same "cult" like status? just curious

cjv***com01/12/2021 17:48

yeah ik that but there were emails found around the same time with Obama ordering all these "hot dogs" lmao it might not have been related to pizza gate but it was around the same time. and both things have to do with ordering male services under food code names.

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Flakko01/12/2021 17:41
And shit they probably not wrong. Nobody really know the extent jeffery epstein adrenochrome shit

cjv***com01/12/2021 17:45

I don't think "nobody" knows. I think people know but the public isn't allowed to know lol


Bbb***com01/12/2021 17:40
you pretty much nailed it

cjv***com01/12/2021 17:42

people act like they are some terrorists group causing huge problems. but they seem pretty quiet. something strange about the fact that they are treated like evil


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