Lil Nas X Stan Account

01/12/2021 22:11

$Twitter I'll admit—stock looking bearish with today's analysts new price targets. Will take full size position at 39-41, if it reaches that point. Anyone that uses Twitter a lot knows it's the most bearable social media app. Snap is cool, too, tho. 🤝 Not going below 39. Not sure why it was at 56, tho, either. Has consistent earnings probs. Disruptive "Hey Commi—" trash disposal looks to be a net positive, imo. Twitter already divided into a bubble. Can't fix that with deluded, intellectually-dishonest people losers and Twitter is better without them, the bots and needless to say the TERRORISTS. 😬
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bre***com01/13/2021 10:33
Trash ass clown

Lil Nas X Stan Account01/13/2021 10:34

sad bear bought $20 puts, huh? lol 🐻‍❄️


bri***com01/12/2021 22:34
Agree on your buy range. 200 MA is a magnet normally, but when you are trading 33% above it and do something to make half the country want to see your company go down, it's almost a guarantee.

I'm gonna watch and see what it does at that support. I'm holding my weekly puts until Friday. Thinking bloodbath the rest of the week at least.

Lil Nas X Stan Account01/12/2021 22:40

39 is also rosenblatt price target factoring in the conservative engagement / ad thesis and it has hard support at that level. I'll prolly take small position at 42.50 or so cuz I doubt it hits 39 but it could in accord with a general market selloff


klt***com01/12/2021 22:27
Anti american anti free speech Hate this stock Anti human


C'mon TARS01/12/2021 22:21


Bez01/12/2021 22:15
Well put.

Bez01/12/2021 23:42

Yeah I just sat on your bed so your wife can s**k my d*ck 🤦🏻

Jonny01/12/2021 23:28

You seems to have sat on something buddy?

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