01/13/2021 00:42

$Twitter Gonna be funny next presidential election when a charismatic democrat can’t get close to 81m votes but a basement-dwelling, creepy guy who likes little girls, and who hardly ever campaigned supposedly did. Maybe then you progtards will understand why we had an issue with this. Biden got 12m more votes than Obama despite only winning half the counties Obama won? He won 477. Obama over 850. People arent flocking to cities; theyre moving to suburbs and rural areas. Trump increased in all races and got 11m more. Spare me about population growth. The numbers don’t work.
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Jua***com01/13/2021 00:59
Notice he didnt respond to mine lmao the logic was too much for the trumpie sheep

RobotTrader01/13/2021 01:24

Because you are irrelevant. No body cares what you have to say 🤣


spi***com01/13/2021 00:54
Your in the wrong space...we trade stocks here...go to your crib and cry...and stfu already !!!

Kevin01/13/2021 00:57

Buy Twitter. Mortgage your house.


des***com01/13/2021 00:50
people voted like their lives depended on it


Mr. Miyagi01/13/2021 00:44
Maybe just that many people were tired of the orange man and his racist demeaning remarks 🤷‍♂️

bobj 01/13/2021 00:59

actually what Kevin is saying is common knowledge. and no it's not from parler or a fake news source. you can literally Google that. and you should while u still can

C'mon TARS01/13/2021 00:48


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