01/13/2021 18:56

$Twitter awww. 3 Banks have cut all ties to Trumpty Dumpty. New York is considering stopping all business transactions with the Trump Organization, PGF said FU too, Forbes 500 said any company that hires ANYONE from this administration will be considered lying trash...

yea, keep shorting Twitter. im sure it will all work out just fine 🙂.
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All Comments(14)

Twitter s*cks01/13/2021 19:57
I’m soooo excited to put my 6 digits to work tanking this

bobj 01/14/2021 00:34

I don't have 6 but 5s not too bad right?


bobj 01/13/2021 19:53
it worked


ClevelandTrader01/13/2021 19:21
The best revenge would be to buy you a mirror..


GoldMember01/13/2021 19:13
what you are cheering for is straight up facsim

Bez01/13/2021 19:29

Its actually the opposite... what you trumpists want is actually fascist...


Melon Usk 01/13/2021 19:10
You trade with too much emotion, your going to lose your entire portfolio, possible buy for a day trade. but this will go Otc by 2023, they are purging half of their users

junkette15101/13/2021 19:14

🤣🤣🤣 I dont even have any shares in this stock. im just here to drink 🤡 tears.


StayFitted01/13/2021 19:06
trump 2020

Bez01/13/2021 19:30

Lol its 2021 and he lost, dumb sh*t


TheoneWhoEndures01/13/2021 19:05
Miserable and always mad. Keep perpetuating the stereotype. 🙄


Bullsdeep01/13/2021 19:05
and you're dumb enough to cheer it on. better hope it doesn't happen to you. imagine if trump had the power to do it. there's a reason why we don't like that much power being concentrated. you're just too foolish to understand

junkette15101/13/2021 19:15

well, I have to admit there is a certain joy in watching someone get what they deserve after years of abusing the laws of our country.


nic***com01/13/2021 19:03
Also, you sound mad bro 😂


Zerith01/13/2021 19:03
Your point?


nic***com01/13/2021 19:03
Yup and it's all treasonous behavior. They'll find out REAL fast what a big mistake that was.

Swami says...01/13/2021 20:12

declaring an autonomous zone is actually real sedition. but keep watching that fake news. see where that gets ya. whats the statute of limitations on sedition anyway? blm and antifa might want to know


813****03501/13/2021 19:00
Your point?

Bez01/13/2021 19:04

Your führer = “timbeeerrr”


Bez01/13/2021 18:59
😂😂😂 yup. 67 indictments just out of SDNY too 😬

Bez01/13/2021 19:30

Lol really... Im not Black but thanks for being one of over a dozen trumpists to prove youre just sad racists.

ML€01/13/2021 19:19

Bez is such a dirty little N

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D Rod 01/13/2021 18:59


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