02/19/2021 21:10

$Tyme Tech I gave this entry point two dollars and forty cents yesterday only to my Twitter followers , we are taking off now , price target six dollars to seven dollars , within four weeks

If you’d like to follow you can definitely see my tweets from yesterday, extremely bullish gave the price target in everything
Tyme Tech-0
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Jason 02/19/2021 23:27
calls for March? 3$

Jason 02/19/2021 23:33


Matt02/19/2021 23:32

It will probably be expensive as a spike after hours so the IV will likely increase on Monday and Tuesday, stocks in this price point I only like to buy stock


Stonks Memelord02/19/2021 22:12
I got in a little late at 2.50 and still am good. I got a few you could look into $Onconova $SENSEONICS and my favorite $Castor Maritime Inc who ive been with since .80-.90. (Left because i dint understand holding) lol

Matt02/19/2021 23:13

You should be fine at $2.50, I don’t know the other stocks, I’m sorry


Jpruett8502/19/2021 21:59
2.63 average, hopefully we see 6


Tamatoa02/19/2021 21:53
Started @2.80 and bought more after you recommeNded entry. About 2.65 average now.

Are there comments that you make that are only on twitter or is your twitter only the first place that you post?

Matt02/19/2021 21:54

I give all my entry points on Twitter, and I will follow up later in the day with comments on certain stocks


Syeda Aisha Rahman02/19/2021 21:42
Hello Matt. I have been holding TYME at 5 😕. I Bought in too high. I am new to trading stocks. I have so many that I am holding because I bought most of them at higher than normal prices. Would you be willing to help guide me on what to do wIth them, please. Your advice will be much appreciated.

Matt02/19/2021 21:54

Yes unfortunately you need to just hold or you can sell when it spikes, you should never buy in all at once I generally recommend 1/3 of a possession and that allow you to average down twice if needed

Syeda Aisha Rahman02/19/2021 21:48

I meant that I bought in at 4 Dollars last week. i don’t have enough funds to average down.🙁

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Denese02/19/2021 21:18
Locked out of twitter

C.R.E.A.M02/19/2021 21:39

You must be a conservative? Twotter loves censoring and clearing out conservatives


why aren't you buying?02/19/2021 21:16
whats your Twitter matt? we think alike

Matt02/19/2021 21:20

Look above pic


Dr. Beastbull02/19/2021 21:15
Thats too ambitions in 4 weeks . i feel its 4-4.5 . when It goes north you cant predict. 😆. thats the beauty of market. Hopefully you turn right here than what i think.


Ripstick900002/19/2021 21:12
It was at 375 last week

Matt02/19/2021 21:19

I did not give it out last week I only gave it out yesterday, I was looking for the base of $2.40, again it’s always about entry point, don’t be a bag holder


Bri***com02/19/2021 21:12
got in at 2.42 😀


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