02/22/2021 21:18

$Tyme Tech Again I cannot control the markets, my entry point was $2.40, the fact that this is lower than $2.40, does not amaze me as the NASDAQ dropped 350 points today 70 points on Friday 200 points on Thursday I think, my point being I saw the price target of six dollars to seven dollars, if you need to average down, I would do so while the markets are still red and white you can get this good of a bargain price

I use dictation, I do not proofread, so hopefully you guys can figure out what this says
Tyme Tech-0
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All Comments(5)

Slip Shot02/23/2021 11:08
did you sell this position?

Slip Shot02/23/2021 12:31


Matt02/23/2021 11:15

Nope... added at 2.00


wil***com02/22/2021 21:38
this guys a fraud. He takes all of his tickers from @Stockdata.webull@gmail

Matt02/22/2021 21:41

You my friend are such a joke, I don’t give out many stocks I am transparent as can be I give my entry points in my entry point on the stock was $2.40, if you look at some of my other pics, I was there first, I think your comments are foolish and if You make one more foolish, I will just block you and will be done with each other


FinStar02/22/2021 21:28
I get market downturn but What is happening? I started trading last month and this is killing my portfolio. I don’t even know what to do at this point. I keep averaging down and it gets lower. I have nothing left. all i can do is wait

Ark808502/22/2021 23:05

WorSt thing to do is sell, hold on man, diamond hands! I lost a huge amount today and im sure a lot of others as well. You wIll be fine.

Bidy_Bidy_Bidy02/22/2021 22:56

Investing is patience

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ol5***net02/22/2021 21:24
I bought way too early last week or week before I forget. Bought at 2.91 sold at 2.78 just didn’t like the feel. Bought back in before close at 2.33 today, we’ll see.

ol5***net02/22/2021 21:38

Thats the plan lol

Matt02/22/2021 21:25

Not so bad, you cut your losses when your first entry point was pretty high, you got him to 33 that’s a great entry point I would sell till 669 and make three times your money


GRND24702/22/2021 21:23
no worries bro, this not the first time we have seen bloodπŸ‘Š


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