05/27/2020 11:44

$United Airlines Holdings Inc When will this run end? for airlines? I bought 300 shares at 24 and wanted to sell for profit at 35, but thus surge making me rethink it. I could see 40 by end of June.
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Hitch02205/27/2020 12:34
This is all fluff right now- I have a ton of shares at 24 too. What i do know is that the airlines are still bleeding heavy cash and at some point this will have to correct itself. Im selling at 34 and will wait for dip again


32t***com05/27/2020 12:29
I think it will go back down again but the question is when will it start to go down? I set my at 38.. got in at 25 .. so that is good enough for me i font want to be too greedy and lost it all...gl ...


kev***com05/27/2020 11:49
you can see 18 in june for real