05/05/2020 21:09

$AGEAGLE AERIAL Definitely a first for me, being ghosted by a company on the NYSE
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FINKS05/05/2020 23:48
They responded to me after about a business day of Ghosting me


PaPaStewySnipes05/05/2020 22:46
不不不不不不 damn begging for free candy

786****21205/05/2020 22:47

Better than any jack shit weve gotten in the past few days with no news


PrivateInvestor05/05/2020 22:29
They have an NDA... a "Non Disclosure agreement"


Nab05/05/2020 22:05
3/10 employees called in sick, the others were having lunch with our money


Nic***com05/05/2020 21:56
probably fucking tired of saying NO WE HAVE AN NDA PLEASE WAIT FOR THE BLAHBLAHBLAH


Machado05/05/2020 21:43
It sucks being left on seen ..


ohi***com05/05/2020 21:26
I think they would do well to just simply post on social media or release press to announce they have a nda instead of copy and pasting to every message they receive on facebook. would save them time and effort to respond to the same questions they get thousands of times a day.


jc.***com05/05/2020 21:12
they responded to my first. ghosted my second.

TreeBro05/06/2020 00:08

If you were flooded with wannabe investors asking questions they answered on their hyped up conference call... would you reply to an answer that everyone knows?

Holmes05/06/2020 00:04

that's funny made me think of winnee the pooh taping on his head saying think,think,think

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