01/07/2021 01:53

You all really need to learn how to take money a little less seriously .. black folks been po so long and discriminated against and we dont care about money as much as We care about creating a better world.. we don’t know the market share we even have. Investing in black lives matters because our lives are intertwined .. with yours..and have been for some time. Words and Money 💰 we are on the same shit. justice. So its not like if you share with us we wont keep investing in you - stop with the color based greed - not just for rappers or welfare families - LET US EAT - -! and if you hate that idea 💡 try just stfu and ..let us eat. It may Work out really well for all lives. We got your back you weirdos - HAVE OURS
⏰ you dont see the privelege you have. its just Money. We print it here. Racism is played tf out. Grow up🇺🇸2️⃣0️⃣🙏🏽2️⃣1️⃣
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tyy01/07/2021 16:37
go show out let'em know where u stand oh go eat a wenner

OptimisstPrime👽01/07/2021 21:44



QDOG101/07/2021 12:46
Stop begging these folks to let you eat. That sounds really weak.

OptimisstPrime👽01/07/2021 21:45

Facts. done speaking. do yo thing


30%weekly01/07/2021 09:19

OptimisstPrime👽01/07/2021 10:28



🌬FR3ON🔱TRISM3GISTUS01/07/2021 08:24
Tell em HOL’ THE 🧢

OptimisstPrime👽01/07/2021 21:45

You a whole hunnit 💯


Rags2Riches🙏🏾01/07/2021 03:25

OptimisstPrime👽01/07/2021 21:45

0s and 1s


Siri 01/07/2021 02:07
just FYI, this is a radio 📻 station 🚉 right?

OptimisstPrime👽01/07/2021 10:36

Vision - and it could’ve died well before now .. so much more than just radio but PLEASE do your OWN due diligence ... 👩🏽‍💻🙏🏽

OptimisstPrime👽01/07/2021 10:35

Hi! This is a urban media conglomerate - radio, television, Internet (BlackPlanet/NewsOne,etc) and casinos, theyve now expanded into extending credit to underserved communities ... basically just getting started while having held it down with no funding - paying off loans Going green and hopefully about to ride the steam of the work theyve been putting in to the community - -I sound like a pumper but a Black Woman started this years ago and I know she didnt Have the utmost support but she has v


Che***com01/07/2021 02:05
Go home. Youre drunk

🌬FR3ON🔱TRISM3GISTUS01/07/2021 08:24

Got 1 post you a ghost 👻

mcglock01/07/2021 03:56

you're just salty Jerome Powell is leaving.

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