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01/12/2021 02:01

$U.S. Well Services Inc Alright since yall bulls keep buying stonks without doing your research. I did it for y’all. You’re welcome by the way. I covered technical analysis here as well as fundamental. Same news last April 8, 2020 and look where they headed the next days after that news. Means what? A lot of bag holders trapped last year and will be selling when they see this. Also they did an offering afterwards. Enjoy ✌️
U.S. Well Services Inc-0
U.S. Well Services Inc-1
U.S. Well Services Inc-2
U.S. Well Services Inc-3
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mar***com01/12/2021 04:23
EQT Corporation & Range Resources Corporation. They're different Corporations.

Uhh ohh01/12/2021 04:25

The point is it’s the same news just different companies. People have memories that’s why sometimes stocks keep repeating the pattern, just check the daily chart. 90% chance it will repeat unless it’s a better news


mar***com01/12/2021 04:21
News are different. Take a good look


Wintee01/12/2021 02:22
Thanks, im out at 4am.


jackal01/12/2021 02:09

Uhh ohh01/12/2021 15:51

Hope you listened my friend


Pepperidge Farm01/12/2021 02:03
Yeah these turned out great for you too

Lunaco01/12/2021 05:09

I wish I was in both of them LOL so stop complaining

U_frMO001/12/2021 02:35


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