11/11/2020 17:37

$ProShares Ultra VIX Short-Term Futures y'all this one ain't good for the hold...this one is better for the momo chase...once she gets rolling, then you jump in, ride it and jump back out. I see some of y'all waiting to jump in but I also see there are some conrete hands here, I really hate to see anybody lose money. Y'all need to tighten up your stop loss game. Who's currently holding?
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Ca$harticus11/11/2020 18:15
I’m holding on for the long-run-short-term-near future πŸ€ͺπŸ€‘

CroCaCola11/11/2020 18:31



Cthegreat111/11/2020 17:59
I agree. This is a daytrade.
It is going to $10 this week.
Why hold? I got out and waiting for news... gold iS moving again and nothing else is new
The world is happy. Just wait....

CroCaCola11/11/2020 18:29

I just hate red


Sterling Archer11/11/2020 17:48
im holdin, and have been for 2 weeks

bar***com11/11/2020 18:05

Bruh this is meant to day trade on highly volatile days wtf you doing lmao

CroCaCola11/11/2020 17:50

sorry for your loss


CyrustheVirus11/11/2020 17:44
Im reholding


CyrustheVirus11/11/2020 17:42
If thats how u like playing it 🀩 me under 13 and its game time

CroCaCola11/11/2020 20:42

yeah you right

CyrustheVirus11/11/2020 18:39

Ill be out in next few days for sure

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Gary11/11/2020 17:41
I jist got back in after selling yeaterday. Another limit for 12.50

CroCaCola11/11/2020 17:42

good man!


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