Time And Consistence

11/17/2020 19:23

$ProShares Ultra VIX Short-Term Futures I know there's a lot of opinions about the stock market breaking out and continuing a bullish run. I still don't buy it. it's still testing the high resistance from the dot com bubble crash. so far, it has gotten rejected 100% of the time. and a considerable crash or correction happened afterwards. I'm sticking to my gut. I still believe this cannot go below $11 and that the high is a possible $150. I'm not saying it will get that high, but I like the risk reward ratio.
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Oracle11/18/2020 04:12
bro just a question what is your position right now?? just curious how many shares you have and at what price


hi guys11/17/2020 20:20
Oh you guys are back ,wassup chicken chest lmao

Detroit John11/17/2020 21:04

Hahahaha, that's funny


Bad Mutha Fuka11/17/2020 19:55
Markets crashing this week! Lock downs coming soon. Ill bet my last nut

Ben***com11/17/2020 20:12

well with that endorsement, I'll add here


My name is DIP11/17/2020 19:33
I am at 12.77 with 2000 shares iS it ok ? 14$ this week ?

Oracle11/18/2020 04:13

just saw my answer here. thanks my son.

My name is DIP11/17/2020 19:38

SO we pray it go up

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