01/06/2021 12:23

$ProShares Ultra VIX Short-Term Futures Again, I will repost if no one believes it, but I said This ETF Would be down 5% yesterday and will likely be down 5% today, meaning if you were in this ETF it is probably best to secure profits. Unless you think Congress will not deliver the electoral votes for Joe Biden needs, if that happens this will probably spike to 50
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rbr***com01/06/2021 15:25
so when is a good price to jump back in this?

Matt01/06/2021 15:35

All this does is go down, stay away


Woody01/06/2021 13:44
Id believe you even if you said it would be down 20%. I hate this thing. 😫

Matt01/06/2021 13:47

Too funny, yes for people expecting the worst, it never happens or comes to fruition


Hendo01/06/2021 12:56
Nailed it ... now wtf just happened to gold abd will it move this lol

rip***com01/06/2021 15:43

Bitcoin is garbage for the super rich to play with. I'm up 400% on XLM

Hendo01/06/2021 13:00

Ya i moved to 75 % cash yesterday , With 25% mi ed to bearish gold positions .

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