01/06/2021 17:17

$ProShares Ultra VIX Short-Term Futures After holding this for more than 2 months, I admit I still dont understand this ETF. But that doesnt mean I cannot make money from this. When it popped on Monday, I sold around 30% of my holding. When it drops back down today, I will buy those shares back and continue to average down. The only thing I am sure about is the market crash that will happen sometimes this year. That is the time I will cash out.
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Bri***com01/06/2021 19:08
If only it worked that way. This ETF decays.


Matt01/06/2021 18:34
Again you do not want to hold this ETF long-term at all especially when the markets are making new hires every day, if you get another bounds like you did, you should sell the rest of your position,

Vanfanel01/06/2021 18:39

Thanks, I will definitely consider that next time.


Ali***com01/06/2021 17:36
yeah this thing's dog s*** nothing like Tvix


Ali***com01/06/2021 17:35
$PsTI 🍼 an 🍯


🔥patrioticAF🔥01/06/2021 17:26
you dont wanna hold this long term. they usually decay over time.look at your daily tells you all you need to know.

Vanfanel01/06/2021 17:36

Cool! Thanks!

🔥patrioticAF🔥01/06/2021 17:35

svxy is the pair for this,it helps when to enter.GL

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