01/07/2021 13:11

$ProShares Ultra VIX Short-Term Futures You guys keep holding these heavy bags, and this ETF, waiting for the government to collapse you had your chance to get out at $12.63 you had your chance to get out $11.45, you had your chance to get out at $11, and you’ll have your chance to get out this morning again before this thing goes to 10 flat
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huy***com01/07/2021 13:56
I been following this stock for a long time, and I have to agree with matt, very very rare do you see this etf go up for 2 day straight. Everytime it go up, it mostly find lower highs, then lower lows and rinse and repeat.


Chicky Tendies01/07/2021 13:31
what would you suggest I do in the situation I bought in yesterday at market close at a price of is it worth holding this? or should I take my 6% loss?

Chicky Tendies01/07/2021 13:41

duly noted, thanks for the advice appreciate you brother

Matt01/07/2021 13:39

Take your loss this is a very dangerous ETF, if you want hold a little and it any point today if it peaks, sell the shit out of your position

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DxP01/07/2021 13:26
Matt I cut my loss yesterday and follow your alert . Whenever it popped 11.75 I sold and infact sold 1500 positions in profit . Thank you and appreciate

Matt01/07/2021 13:39

As long as I helped at least one person which I know I did, then my posts were worth it, this is a very dangerous ETF


rig***com01/07/2021 13:20
you think government collapse for one day??? worst GDP with pandemic Dow is at all time high. All my rich friends are pulling out yesterday, today will be a sell off.


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