09/15/2020 14:13

$VERSO They are doing share buybacks of 125 million or about 1/4th of their market cap. so you can expect another 25% in addition to the special dividend. That means something like a 50% gain in one year. Possibly just a few months. There's activists that put themselves on the board and they're determined to give shareholders money.
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PennyBoi09/15/2020 14:23
Can you explain how the buyback works never been thru one.. When does the share price go up due to the buyback?

PennyBoi09/15/2020 14:36

Yes thank you. I'm trying to find a link

jel***com09/15/2020 14:34

it's a little messy, and things don't always go according to plan, but if the buy back is large enough and the company goes was honest and goes thru with it, you can do pretty well

google "verso corp 2020 share buyback" for more info direct from the company

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I'veGotTime09/15/2020 14:19
Cool. Looking strong then

jel***com09/15/2020 14:20

indeed ! spread the word ! lol


Lyle Henderson09/15/2020 14:17
This is true as it was talked about during the earnings call as well.

jel***com09/15/2020 14:19

thank God, finally someone else on here that makes sense


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