01/07/2021 01:46

$SUNDIAL GROWERS INC. alright y'all, I have been in since .19... I have made a little but I'm not good at cashing out and getting back in, typically somehow I lose money so I just am sitting. what are yalls PT? I want to know like what are you looking for... I'm going to get out before I do like I did with $VAXART , and now I'm holding super long cause I didn't jump this summer like I should have lol
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Advent01/07/2021 04:04
You should probably secure 80% of your position, learn to have your own reistic goals and not wait for others. its your money at the end of the day. Dont be greedy


DDon⁷²01/07/2021 03:05


Apple Sauce01/07/2021 02:30
in since .01 will never leave


Mr. Gibbs01/07/2021 02:11
Ive been in since .17. i sold half at .86. i am running on pure profits and will hold until it hits $10-15.

Cyrus01/07/2021 02:14

It will never hit 10-15 from here


Rol***com01/07/2021 02:09
Grab 50k shares at this price znd you will still wind up king


Stacey01/07/2021 02:06
i will be out at .85 and hoping to buy back in a dip


Hardhead👀☃️🍀01/07/2021 01:59
The other good weed stocks are well over 10 some even over 30.. sundial is promising to be the best weed stock in the market .. so im Holding long term til atleast 10

jes***com01/07/2021 02:01

that's what I was thinking long term, especially if they merge ... thank you.


469****22601/07/2021 01:56
1.25 limit


Mad Maudo01/07/2021 01:52
Learn the techs and study 📚 youtube

jes***com01/07/2021 14:45


💫9-5DropOut💫01/07/2021 13:51

I'm also a newbie and have a small group on messenger I can add you to where we have a nice little group of peeps who invest in stocks and crypto and we've been doing quite well. marlena wieseman on fb, message me

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Iawilliams8701/07/2021 01:51
Same im just holding for the rest of the year if not 4

jes***com01/07/2021 01:58

nice ok... I'm planning on dumping around 30% at $1ish to recoup my investment and letting the rest slide.


Max***com01/07/2021 01:50

jes***com01/07/2021 01:59

thank you


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