01/13/2021 20:22

$VAXART I'm not a financial advisor, but I consider myself a self-declared call selling expert for selling VXRT calls since July and all I gotta say is... somethings up in the beginning of Feb.

I feel like another rally is about to happen. Just sharing because we've all been waiting so long and dont want people selling off this month to regret it.
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KP01/13/2021 21:46
Are you going to stop Selling then or raise your strike? If something bignis gonna happen I dont wanna lose my shares for a 20 premium

Brothermo01/13/2021 23:15

I bought ITM calls with later expiration to protect my position and to go long on the hopeful rally too.

Brothermo01/13/2021 22:28

I sold 10 strikes for 0.40. That would make the break even 10.40.


Baba Booey01/13/2021 20:53
Thanks for the info! Feb 5 or Feb 12 expirations? Options activity is always a good insight!

Baba Booey01/13/2021 22:02

Thank you for the info brother… I will give it a look 👊🏻

Brothermo01/13/2021 21:19

End of January has a lot of Call buying OTM near strike too.

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halogoggles01/13/2021 20:41
Holding shares and don’t play options but love to hear this! Thanks for sharing.


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