02/19/2021 21:35

$CUENTAS $JMP Group $MMTEC INC $Energous

ive said it many times and ill say it again you do not want to get caught holding these pumped plays. you need to get in and get out with the profit you can. if you're at a loss sell, take this weekend to do your homework and get your ass ready to make your money back and more next week. take this as a lesson not a fail. Goodluck to you all.

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All Comments(10)

Tgwhisp02/19/2021 22:35
you make some good points... However, this isn't pumped. Why do you have this on the list?

they cleaned up their balance sheet and their debt to asset ratio has flip-flopped. the price dropped due to the offering. nobody typing this or pumping it. Matter of fact since the offering you'll notice a steady holding of the line. It's essentially traded sideways. Which is actually a good sign. it tells you that after the initial sell-off due to the offering the remaining holders are steadfast. Which brings us to the next portion... The Gap that needs to be filled.

that job is going to fill whether any of us like it or not. the stock is in too strong of a position. the only thing that would cause this to retreat what d announcing negative news. But the offering was just done and is already priced in. there's nothing negative that can be announced in the short-term. on the flip side... Capitol Reef from the offering is going to be utilized for something. Whether that's to pay down debt, working capital, or acquisition, Etc... At some point it will be announced what they're using the money for. Which will be a positive catalyst. Yet another reason to realize the Gap is going to fill. It's just the nature of the Beast.

this isn't being pumped. It's just playing out naturally. and it's going to fill Monday possibly Tuesday. there's 50% upside. and my 20 years in the markets I've never met a single wise investor there would not wait two trading days for that type of profit.

so again.. Just be patient. Hold what you have and continue to add. Anything below $6 you're still making money. Which is why buying the asking price is the right way to go. there's still plenty of upside there's no need to Penny pinch. catalyze your own position by helping nudge it forward not keep it back. it's annoying seeing the people say by the ask all the time. But in some cases it is merited. when you have so much upside time is your enemy. eventually drawing out will cause you to meet that descending price target with minimal gain. So time is of the essence to help get it going. be patient with it, but help out the cause by adding more. it really is that simple.

JumJumtheScalper02/19/2021 22:36

I scalp and help those that day trade

JumJumtheScalper02/19/2021 22:36

too much to read, as you can see my name is jumjumthescalper, most people just hopped on the spike and now ate at a loss because they didn't sell


Bolnoi02/19/2021 22:16
Hey, you call out when to get in and to get out?

JumJumtheScalper02/19/2021 22:35

well I call out when I'm buying in and when I'm selling/ sell. to give you an idea of when to execute your order


Stonks Memelord02/19/2021 22:05
I got mostly green but im sitting with castor that zeros the gains. What if one stock kills all the other gains? Especially if its a long hold stock?

JumJumtheScalper02/19/2021 22:34

well if its your long play just average down when needed, don't count that as a loss till you actually sell


jin***com02/19/2021 21:59
Thanks for this great knowledge. I will do my assignment this weekend.

JumJumtheScalper02/19/2021 22:00



Smark02/19/2021 21:58
on stuff that moves this rapidly. there is a thing as a long hold but it's before all this. lol

JumJumtheScalper02/19/2021 22:00

most people are buying in when its already jumped, im scalping these big plays


Jerod Walker02/19/2021 21:57
Thanks for the advice i am new to trading is there any way You could assist me

mik***com02/20/2021 15:42

It would be good to do a you tube channel as well, if you could. Thanks. I'm pretty new to this trading as well.

JumJumtheScalper02/19/2021 21:59

you can follow me here. i call out plays. i will be making a twitter soon for advice and plays


YoungMoneyFuture02/19/2021 21:50

JumJumtheScalper02/19/2021 21:52

youre going on all my posts to say the same thing, seems like youre scared?


MakeMoney80802/19/2021 21:48
You a good man for sharing your knowledge 🤑👍🏼🤙🏼👊🏻

JumJumtheScalper02/19/2021 21:52

thanks friend, i just hate seeing people lose money


Icyyprice02 02/19/2021 21:38
Respect💯 how i been feelin lately

JumJumtheScalper02/19/2021 21:51

💪💪 stay strong you got this


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