02/19/2021 22:14

$Energous I've been in since $2.00, sold 75% of my position today. Not because I don't believe in them. Because I know what apple is talking about does not correlate to Energous. They are talking about technology they already have, in a magnet that just attaches to your phone, but instead of a plug in, it will be like a battery. Nice profits though. Do your own research and you will see. I will buy back in after the realization kicks in.
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U_jtUwu02/20/2021 00:40
I sold all my positions will. It will pull back I moans I will get back in.


Jay02/19/2021 22:24
Just curious have you read their filings, investor packets, or prospectuses? Because to my understanding, they have the only patents and FCC approvals for their specific tech, chipsets, and hardware.

Jay02/19/2021 22:32

Okay great, that was also my understanding. I’ve been mainly in blockchain software/ ecosystem stocks recently and revisited WATT today after seeing some of the news. Just trying to get a quicker recap of what’s been going on.

Jxm***com02/19/2021 22:26

I've done my research for sure. they are wireless at a distance charging that requires antenna to antenna. Apple is talking about wireless technology like the pads you have now, just it will have its own power source and attach to your phone. They even stated it was from their own tech Magsafe.


PickleBear9902/19/2021 22:22
I’m sorry but you’re wrong. In a filing with the SEC Energous disclosed that Apple is testing their WattUp technology. Just google it or read this article:

Jxm***com02/19/2021 22:23

You're aware that happened in 2016, right? Just because people are bringing it up today, doesn't make it relevant.


bmh***com02/19/2021 22:20


Tommytwotimes02/19/2021 22:19
Good call


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