There Will be Blood

09/11/2020 01:15

$Walgreens Boots look at that. 90% of shareholders own shares for 37.00 or higher. 2 buck more than closing. look at the money flows. and the share holders that had profit have left. this is what bag holding looks like. if your still saying buy the dip, it'll bounce back, it won't. look at the volume. this price is hugely discounted and nobody want it. it'll be a sell off tomorrow. if your on margin, close it premarket or webull will liquidate by Monday. good luck. don't let greed and desperation lead to adding more to a bad position.
Walgreens Boots-0
Walgreens Boots-1
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G-Unit 7409/11/2020 16:21
Money can rotate back in as quickly as it rotates out. this is a good price for this 🤡 if you dont like it... You dont have to buY it.


Black Buffet09/11/2020 16:05
Cover clown 🤡


LukeRob09/11/2020 15:24
This is a screaming value... and fantastic defensive stock. The upside is multiples higher then a few more bucks down. WBA should be hitting the ground running by the holidays ✌🏼

There Will be Blood09/11/2020 15:27

yea, that all might be true and probably will happen, but right now, everything is going down. walgreens can't carry the market.


G-Unit 7409/11/2020 11:17
Yeah man your tripping this is short term disruption to their business im loading up at this price dividend will carry this investment until the share price creeps back uP

There Will be Blood09/11/2020 11:21

bro, don't be silly. look at the flows for nasdaq. all the money has been pulled out. these shares prices are riding on money that was there 2 weeks ago. 5x more money came out of the market than went in. this is t a short term disruption.


Brock Rankin09/11/2020 05:50


Black Buffet09/11/2020 02:10
Great dividends tho lol buy the fear


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