Mr. Regulator

09/04/2020 20:15

$Workhorse Group SORRY TO BE ”That guy” but its gonna stick around 16.50 - 20 until the contract winner is released. if you think its gonna skyrocket more ok hype your insane, everytime it jumps it falls just as hard. dont get caught up in the moment ifthey dont get the contract gonna be $10 stock. Up to you if your willing to put all eggs in one basket.
Long term - good investment, short term - risky
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Mar***com09/04/2020 21:04
There’s already wKhs vans useD by mail carrieRs


Klutch09/04/2020 20:36
October 16 CALLS are going to hit BIG


cheddar jones09/04/2020 20:33
charts dont lie were not dropping that low anymore unless we dont get the contract

breadman09/04/2020 20:47

damn close. lol.

EXO09/04/2020 20:42

I missed it by 15 cents

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Mr. Regulator09/04/2020 20:21
Base your trading on hopes and dreams and youll only be mad at yourself


Mr. Regulator09/04/2020 20:20
Its had multiple Green Day’s and multiple red days. Its not rocketing till the winner is announced period.


gou***com09/04/2020 20:19
truth. alot of people get caught up in the hype. Nothing is guaranteed regarding the contract.

Techno09/04/2020 20:24

Thats why you invest before the hype let them ride you along then cash out.


Brad188109/04/2020 20:18
I hope so! Because I would love to load up!

Scootie09/05/2020 00:43

Even of this goes down to $10, This is a gold mine for the next few years!


John Roscoe09/04/2020 20:17


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