09/04/2020 23:06

$Blink Charging I want to wish everyone a happy holiday weekend. today was quite the heart dropper for many I'm sure, but its a typical friday sell off added in with some frustrated bears that have been yearning for a day like today. market has been recovering quite nicely from the big dip. 95% of the stocks on all my watchlists made the same dip today. total market manipulation at it's best which is why we know to stay patient and diligent as we move towards Q4 2020. this years elections will have a drastic effect on the market so tread light on your plays and act swiftly to not get caught under the political tides. when the stimulus gets thru and ppl get paid again we can def expect record highs. remember also.. you dont lose what you're down until you sell for a loss. if a stock tanks dont worry. it sucks to see red but your money is still there so long as you hold your position. in due time your stock will recover. do not trade with money you need. and always check your support and resistance levels when gauging entry and exit. just a couple tips to end the week. Blink all the way!!

$Francesca's $Trevena $CENTOGENE B.V. $Salem Media Grp $Polymet Mining $VAXART $Workhorse Group $Urban One $Ideanomics Inc

Follow me on here for alerts with TA included. I'm not always right but I'm almost always in the ball park. if youd like an analysis done for you on any stock feel free to request. I love to chart. and I take pride in my ability to read between and outside the lines.
Disclaimer: The comments, opinions and analysis expressed herein are for informational and educational purposes only and shoulk not be considered as individual investment advice or recommendations. Webull is not responsible or liable in any way for comments posted by pur users.


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All Comments(11)

mgl***com09/08/2020 15:35

DuddletonFarms09/08/2020 16:43

I love that stuff


Scarecrow09/05/2020 01:08
Drink the coolaide. shorts, its still

DuddletonFarms09/06/2020 09:20

dammit I hate purple koolaid.

OnlyUpFromHere09/05/2020 02:18


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DuddletonFarms09/05/2020 00:59
this is a scenario that could very well play out come tuesday. this is the daily chart. abcd pattern. resistance is at 8 bucks. typically where multiple trend lines cross like where the 2 yellow circled areas are some type of news or PR comes out be it good or bad. so I'm thinking next week Tuesday or Wednesday we may get some news. following up with the 30th where major trend lines are crossing. we may appear to be on a head and shoulder right now. which played a role in today's dip. but it was a good dip to buy in or avg down greatly imo. I get my abcd patterns from using SAR parobloic indicator. we have yet to get a confirmed reversal and as you can see when we do we turn up. road to 15+ shall continue Tuesday. I will add that the worst case scenario does lead us into a major drop down to 4-4.50 range but I highly doubt that will happen unless some seriously messed up news comes out. but even the culper attack didnt drop us down like that. if anything its brought us down to a great range to load up on knowing the full potential of this company. I stand by prediction of 140+ by 2025 and 1k+ by 2030. I'm never selling. blink will be my retirement fund.

DuddletonFarms09/06/2020 09:18

@Detroit John no I dont just draw lines in every direction. each line has focal points that are strategically placed to give an idea of where the price is heading. either you're a disgruntled OG trader whose lost money on this stock or you're just a troll.. either or I do appreciate your input but I'm not totally sure as to why u seem offended by my analysis. but I do wish good luck and fortune to you sir.

11**5809/05/2020 06:37

it's interesting that 11 stocks in my top 20 watchlist are all 3/5 of the way to confirming a head and shoulders pattern on the 4hr. There are no coincidences.

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Ever .M09/05/2020 00:17


Okie09/05/2020 00:11
so your telling people to hold and not cut losses? want them to hold and let it drop 30 40%?

DuddletonFarms09/05/2020 00:24

I am not telling anyone to do anything except to have a happy holiday weekend and to stay safe.


Ps2109/05/2020 00:08
God bless brother

DuddletonFarms09/05/2020 00:32

thank you. you as well. 💪🏼


ycr***com09/05/2020 00:04
Appreciate the reminders Sir. Have a good weekend. I'm not well versed in charts but interested. I'm taking some time to learn the fundamentals. if you're interested I'd appreciate your thoughts on $GreenPower Motor Admittedly, I've held at a loss through a stock reversal 7/1 but my research leaves me sound on the long. just not understanding the tank though they are profitable and with a great current forward. appreciate your thoughts if willing. Cheers!!!

DuddletonFarms09/05/2020 00:27

ah that is one stock that many have been inquiring about. I can check out the chart. typically stocks drop after news of a reverse split. or offerings. thjngs of that nature. 7/01 was quite some time ago at this point. what drop are you referring to exactly?


cris53709/04/2020 23:35
Positive thinking, rare commodity... enjoy your weekend!

DuddletonFarms09/05/2020 00:25

thank you. same to you!


Tridium09/04/2020 23:23
good adivce 😀 thanks for that!

DuddletonFarms09/04/2020 23:31

thank you. anytime!


Robert akafresh09/04/2020 23:19
well said bro

DuddletonFarms09/04/2020 23:31

thank you


Soggy Bottom Boys09/04/2020 23:10
Well said!!

DuddletonFarms09/04/2020 23:15

thank you


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You HAVE to be kidding me. How about IPOs???? They screw over the retailer and the tutes make bank. The SEC now all of the sudden cares what companies do?? Lol

What about caring about companies like Snowflake where the tutes are in for cheap while we fight for $200 a share.

SPACs are affordable for us as well as they start out around $9-10. Sorry rant over.

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