Dare Gug

09/07/2020 02:58

$Workhorse Group You all want to hear the cold hard Truth. This is something you dont want to hear but is is domething you need to Hear
Ford has been a american icon for a century
Ford has deep roots in america
Workhourse is a stupid name who wants to drive a work hourse Its boarderline offensive
So you have a NONAME brand competing with FORD
For a contract with ups And the USA postal service
Do the math who has the upper hand here
Do t just get out Jump from hights
$Kensington Capital Acquisition Corp and or $Diamondpeak Holdings Corp
Is where the real win is at
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Dav***com09/07/2020 23:52
yeah forget about the 200 plus positions worhorse just opened up the fill.

YYZTOM09/08/2020 02:27

The difference is, providing jobs is a national focus and WKHS is in spotlight at the moment and you’re an illiterate train wreck who’s accountable for nothing.

Dare Gug09/08/2020 00:46

To advertise gor position is a good PR strategy
To actually hire and employ these position is another thing
We advertise all the time for position whit little to no intentions of actually hiring


igo***com09/07/2020 20:11
100% agree. No governmemt or large corporation purchasing employee would ever risk his career by giving startup with 80 employees, 30,000 a month revenues ( lol ) and ansolutely no track record,
won't risk his job by giving out a $50,000 contract never mind millions billions this whole wkhs thing is a speculative overhiped baloon, a joke

YYZTOM09/07/2020 20:59

Spend a few minutes familiarIzing yourself wIth USPS and their previous vehicle selections, the history of the WkHS/USPS relationship and especially the USPS criteria for this contract. Also, note the feedback on the test models delivered to USPS in 2017, specifically the WKHS units. Your perspective will change.


Nirtnee09/07/2020 17:22
ford is still 4 years out from being an EV competitor

their mustang mach e seems impressive but the f150 is still 2 years out from electric and for them to make an EV super duty or cargo van is still several years out.

and there is no u in horse last time I read any dictionary


Brock_Landers09/07/2020 16:37
Bro you need to leave last century behind. How do you think ford got where they are? It's innovation. Something Ford is not when it comes to this particular situation and Workhorse is. Innovation always wins everywhere throughout history. I'm sure Ford will have a great electric 150...if they can catch up to lordstown who going to probably have 50,000 trucks sold to SMB before ford gets their 1st out. When it cones to electric Ford will be great in the consumer market no doubt. WKHS and Lordstown are significantly better options for businesses and absolutely no one should be narrow-minded enough to think otherwise. I'd love to hear a rebuttal though because I definitely don't know the future and could be missing something else.


AdamUp09/07/2020 16:34
Ford will get at least 20% and should workhorse.. You would think it would mean more to Workhorse considering their size and story and all the business that will bring to all involved. Being borderline offended doesnt change the fact that this stock is running up on Tuesday till the bid. we here to pay the bills. i do believe in betting on RIDE/DPHC short & long. Rise above the hype & make money.

thebagholdersdotcom09/07/2020 17:32

ol @daregug is an idiot...guy obviously has no clue and hasn't done any real research. The opportunity doesn't stop at usps. clown 🤡 go do some real DD then get back to us. ever heard of Ryder? Ever heard of Wal-Mart ever heard of UPS? hey clown there are so many catalyst here for workhorse for the next year. go buybyour KCAC who isn't even a real player in the solid-state battery game. Try to get investors to invest in a company that's at its 52 week high. then when the company crashes then...

Dare Gug09/07/2020 16:44

Buddy you are betting on the hype of a possible contract If the contract fails to come to light what is the price of the stock
I saw tho pot stock hype and now look at that sector
Dont justify you emotion attachment to your investment
DO believe that workhourse will go up Sure i do
Do i believe it will hold the valuation. Not s chance
Did any of the pot stocks
Keep in mind this is a bubble
The large hedge funds will pull out in 90-180 days
As they did with the pot stocks


Dare Gug09/07/2020 15:46
I know loardTown and workhourse had a falling out
I know where both companies are at to date
Understand loardtown is not relying enough n a service contract loardstownis Nothing thing more then R&D for GM that makes them a lot stronger prospect then a gamble on a contract
Is all im saying

thebagholdersdotcom09/07/2020 22:57

this guy is a certified 🤡🤡🤡

bre***com09/07/2020 19:18

quit trying to invite panic, you clearly don't know shit because the former ceo of workhorse runs lordstown, and workhorse gets paid a cut for each vechile lordstown sells for the first so many. I've heard nothing about them having a "falling out," even if they did have some falling out they have a contact! so get your facts straight, all these fake news Nancy's out here this weekend. quit lying loser.

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Biz09/07/2020 15:34
Just so you know that Lordstown pickup was made by workhorse since you recommended it....


cheddar jones09/07/2020 14:27
Watch KCAC come back below 20 by eow

Dare Gug09/07/2020 15:53

Is that after it goes to 32


imb***com09/07/2020 14:06
Workhorse is 100% American. Ford has four plants in Mexico, after saying they wouldn't, one of which is building their Fusions and MKZs. Ford is a sellout to America, and that doesn't sit well with the United States Postal Service, and it doesn't sit well with President Trump, who will do what he can to make this contract 100% American. To bad President Trump didn't have 100% control over this contract, it would have already been issued to Workhorse.

bre***com09/07/2020 19:14

The usps contact will be announced before the election, you're aware that Trump will be the president when the contract finalizes. Mike Fucking Pence drove the damn thing on the stage for satan's sake. The adminstration is behind lordstown all the way, and that means way more than you're implying.

Dare Gug09/07/2020 15:56

Your talking Trump is there not a election coming to toss Trumps ass out Where is Biden stance Oh ya he dont care He to busy looking for a war to start As every Democratic president has done in the past


DavidR109/07/2020 12:41
Ford cuts jobs, Workhorse adds. Yep im pulling out for sure 🤪


Gmoney09/07/2020 11:17
Yeah!! Like Ford deserves it


jko***com09/07/2020 11:08
Maybe this guy should research that ford made the FFV for USPS 15yrs ago. They were epic failures And have been nothing but problems and were so bad that the usps did not buy more of that existing possible replacement. I say this Because as an actual mailman the product that ford made 15yrs ago I refuse to drive and would rather use the truck that is 30+ Years old


exp***com09/07/2020 09:11
Your opinion is your opinion. Ford is not coming out with electric vehicles anytime soon. This is Lordstown motors here. This truck will be out this year If Ford is going to compete they are still a couple years out. And if buisnesses signs contracts with Lordstown for fleet the contracts will have to expire before they can buy from Ford anyway. Lordstown is backed by GM allways kicks Ford ass in fleet contracts


cor***com09/07/2020 05:48
what's sad is someone will actually take what he said as real. :(

YYZTOM09/07/2020 06:21

In that case, they should get a job at the ”USA postal service“


G-Unit 7409/07/2020 05:37
What you have just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things i have ever heard. Everyone in this chat Room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points.... and may god have mercy on your soul.

myc***com09/07/2020 12:23

Take it you've never seen Billy Madison

EXO09/07/2020 08:49

Reading it
I didnt hear anything lol

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