Dare Gug

09/07/2020 12:58

$Workhorse Group Good morning all I was just pointing out a simple fact The fact is Ford and workhorse are competing for the same contract is true
The fact that the people who will give the contract have a ford in their driveway is a concern
Now there seem to be a lot of emotions here which is not the best way to invest in anything You all need to remove your emotions snd look at it in a professional Business mindset
$Diamondpeak Holdings Corp $Kensington Capital Acquisition Corp
Are worth a serious look at
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El Conquistador09/08/2020 10:50
damn! I thought I deleted facebook


415****86409/08/2020 03:00
Another fine lesson from another know it all. Heres a suggestion. Dont trade your opinion and what you read about in magazines and from stock analysts. They only care about gaining readership and everything they say is bullshit—-


Dare Gug09/07/2020 19:23
People dont get confused Drone Delivois not a electric vehicle
Two different worlds Like the compairi g the Keg to McDonald’s Yes both serve food just different

thebagholdersdotcom09/07/2020 22:56

the fact you're telling people to get out of a stock because its a spec play....then back door and them to get into another stock KCAC...which is another spec play. GTFOH kid...you're garbage

YYZTOM09/07/2020 20:19

Who are you talking to?


wap***com09/07/2020 19:08
How many companies have FFA approval for drone delivery? Does Ford offer a drone type delivery vehicle? Heard that Amazon was just approved for drone delivery by the FFA.


Bingo77709/07/2020 19:06
lol. People! please don't fall for this type of poorly manipulation. In fact, it would be funny if anyone fall for this crap :)). This guy is clealy trying hard to make people panic sell and the stock will then drop, so then he could buy some more. Remember don't trust anyone and do believe in your own research. just my 2c.
btw i would assume Kensington hype will be over soon, expect a dip and move sideway till the merge date.


JandT7409/07/2020 19:00
Its hard to believe ford is getting any contract when they just let go 1000 Workers
Workhorse hired those workers
Heres your sign cloWns

El Conquistador09/08/2020 10:48

well if it's any of the ford workers I know....I wouldn't buy shyt from workhorse & how does that work with thier Union contracts?


Dare Gug09/07/2020 17:47
Im not trying to start panic Im just givinG information that is to be considered in this power house of EV Dont for get this is all speculation
I recommend you make a target and get out Greed will bankrupt you in the end

thebagholdersdotcom09/07/2020 17:49

oh....and KCAC isnt??? whats your stance bro?


thebagholdersdotcom09/07/2020 17:40
and while this guy is trying to wing you off workhorse its up on the overseas market. someone get this guy a nice glass of water. I hate vultures like this 🤡 who comes in the comments section to try and start panic for his own gain. get a life man


thebagholdersdotcom09/07/2020 17:36
dare GUG WANTS you to buy KCAC at the 52 week high so he can make money on the scalp....get smart guys. don't go invest in a company that is at a 52 seek high and aren't even real players in the solid state battery yet. Just stop Gug....just stop


thebagholdersdotcom09/07/2020 17:33


BrokeWar09/07/2020 17:24
thanks for taking the time to for solid advice and info, lots of people out there don't know how to invest, I'm new myself, just over a year and still learning

the***com09/07/2020 18:20

sooooo if u dont know how to invest..... how in the world would u know if someone else knows how to invest???? Ur a TOOL


Emula$15****09/07/2020 15:22
$Kensington Capital Acquisition Corp is a huge look at thanks for the nugget

Scootie09/07/2020 20:29

I like the Solid state tech, but its still a ways out. i’m keeping them on my watch list, but im waiting anpther year or two on that stock.

Met***com09/07/2020 15:28

I want this stock too but i think im going to wait for some of the excitement to drop so the price comes down a bit


CGO09/07/2020 14:31
I could see ford getting a piece because theyre are still rural areas that dont have electric infastructure

JandT7409/07/2020 18:59

Ford just laid off 1000 Workers
Workhose just hiRed 1000 workers

CGO09/07/2020 14:31

But workhorse for the win babY!


YYZTOM09/07/2020 13:56
Says the person who thinks the name WKHS is a disadvantage because YOU dont like it and its not recognizable? Did you know Ford has ties to the Nazi’s? The mail trucks for the last 30-40yrs are made by Grumman. Are they in anyones drive way? Ever heard of them?

Who’s being “emotional” ? This post is more absurd than the last.

che***com09/07/2020 17:14

yes they are, disappointing for sure that they are war profiteers like The Rothschild's basically. They may be teaming up with Oshkosh who made military vehicles in the past , are paying a 16% div at just under 7% a share, huge market cap to see big return would need alot of stocks. They do contribute to causes I dont exactly align with now even as I feel they are ideologically subversive. You sound like you have a concious around what you invest in. It is hard as many companies are not perfect.

con***com09/07/2020 14:29

A lot more than you probaby know has ties to the Nazi’s...

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Scootie09/07/2020 13:22
Ford is an electric-diesel hybrid, workhorse is all electric. Most of us did the research and follow the news and catalysts. OshKosh still only has a prototype design, Workhorse has vehicles already in the field with UPS and Ryder. Majority of us are prepared for at least 25% of the contract. It also doesnt make sense for them to go full with Ford. Especially since fully electric drastically reduces maintenance costs and fuel costs. Also, they could get the drones with the vehicles in the near future, Which ford doesnt have. This isnt emotions for me, this is logical and good business practice imo. id be surprised anything Less than 50% of the contract.

MoeTesla09/07/2020 13:51

Exactly 🤙🏻💰📈🚀🤑


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