Dare Gug

09/08/2020 03:20

$Workhorse Group It is important to realize WKHS is nothing more then a straight ip gamble
If the ups contract fail to materialize this stock will likely drop to a single dollar. If Ford who is a American Icon failes to ein this contract They threaten to shut the USA operation down 10 of thousand Jobs on the line here. Pure Trump play.
Go USA. You choise the your path
$Kensington Capital Acquisition Corp has Bil Gates head to head with Elon Musk
The Microsoft vs Apple rivalry all over again
Isnt America the best country
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YYZTOM09/08/2020 06:54
So if Ford gets the USPS contract WKHS stock drops to $1 and if WKHS is granted the contract the “no name“ company will cause the shut down of all domestic production for Ford? Is that how your trailer park gibberish translates?

YYZTOM09/08/2020 08:40

I dont follow people here, have never deleted a post. No idea what a ”scare weirdo“ is. If English is not your fIrst language, i speak French and Spanish if you prefer. Why would i delete post or have a fake account.

Y U Shortin Bit**🐩?🤣09/08/2020 08:01

it a called a burner acct and only scare weirdos use them. I'm sure ur real acct is the only one ur following. weirdo

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Dare Gug09/08/2020 06:22
Its me phone
My fault for not proof reading
Sorry 😐


cor***com09/08/2020 05:52
any chance you could take a spelling class? Dare Gug. :) .


I’m blue shad09/08/2020 04:29
Only a fool would sell wouldnt have a position in this. 20x your money easy.


cor***com09/08/2020 03:35
I hope so :)


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$Walt Disney

Disney 124 Put called it before bell
10/02 got it in at 0.95

$TESLA $SPDR® S&P 500 ETF Trust $Apple $Nikola Corporation $Workhorse Group Alec Patel 09/29/2020 22:04
Good afternoon
How is everyone doing?
Before we start let's pray together
"Father, we come to You again with confidence and trust. We are not afraid to trust You. You have never yet failed or disappointed us, when we have come to You with our needs — and You will not fail nor disappoint us now. Help us to believe in You, even when all things seem to be against us, knowing that it is because the story of Your providence is not finished, that it seems to move adversely for us."

Today i achieve my goal
$WESTWATER RES buy yesterday 2 sell today 4
now a step closer to economic freedom. If you guys didn't make any money don't go hard on yourself you there will have other opportunities
This is the stock i am buying tonight and sell tomorrow for 10%+ gains.
$$CTi Biopharma
$$Jiayin Group

Also watching
$$LM Funding
$$China HGS
$$Genius Brands

Have a peaceful night.
Remember to repent forgive and pray for the world and the president.
To YAHUSHA alone be the glorymastertrader101 09/29/2020 21:56
$Genius Brands just .39 more cents and I'll be getting all my money back 😉😉min***com 09/29/2020 20:13
$JUST ENERGY help me what i do ??? Sell or hold😭😭😭Ramsharan Basnet 09/29/2020 20:48

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