09/13/2020 11:27

$Workhorse Group anyone else in $Hennessy Capital Acquisition Corp III ?

I've been long in it over a month, and its been absolutely quiet. however these last 2 trading days, I've seen the volume spike slightly as well as price and social interaction.

sometimes I think I you can "get in too early", and I think I definitely got in too early, but now that its waking up, this ticker (merging with canoo) also has the same ability to 2-4x over the coming month like $Tortoise Acquisition Corp , $Diamondpeak Holdings Corp , $Nikola Corporation (but less shady, and actually has a product they currently sell)

take a peek if you are looking to catch the next SPAC wave.
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Mike09/13/2020 15:20
Bought a thousand shares.. this one has prototypes not like another Company”nkla” That only has Hype!!

Want A 3peat?09/13/2020 16:48

good lucK mike! @Barney mY wife said the same thing! I told her to get use to it cause when it comes out were getting one lol! Our honda oddysea has 270k milea on it and atill runs like a champ but its aBout that time

KFP09/13/2020 15:27

Hope you make a killing with this Mike. it will surely have a nice run up soon. I showed my wife pics of the canoo van when stock was in mid 10s and she said it was the ugliest vehicle shed ever seen. But itll sTill run soon. good luck🚒🇺🇸🚒


Yourmomsbox09/13/2020 14:21
I have 400 at $10.49 it's going to be a great run. I also like kcac just because of the huge money backing it, it's a long way from an actual battery but with Teslas battery reveal this could get some sympathy


breadman09/13/2020 13:50
I'm hoping Ackerman's new spac pulls another Starbucks or chipotle type deal. the warrants and units split on friday. now they trade under psth and psthws.
should be tradable on webull on Monday.


Scootie09/13/2020 13:09
Its definitely one i want to get into. money of course is tied up in WKHS LCA DPHC and SPAQ right now. waiting on these mergers to happen.


Kie Trading09/13/2020 11:37
Havent purchased yet but have been watching this company for a while now i didnt wanna get in to early and tie my money up. But i love canoo business model there merger will be huge. Im buying soon

Dogman09/13/2020 11:55

yeah, I got in before canoo was even announced, I had imagined them merging with protera, another ev company. however, after the announcement I looked into canoo and found them even more profitable long term as I am bullish on transport as a service in the coming years.

I have certainly had my money tied up for the time being, but my cost was so low that my loss potential made it safer than doing anything else with it.

now that its gaining some traction, I think its time for some gain to show

Chris Comp09/13/2020 11:49

Stay away from Nikola that is

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$TESLA $SPDR® S&P 500 ETF Trust $Apple $Nikola Corporation $Workhorse Group Alec Patel 09/29/2020 22:04
Good afternoon
How is everyone doing?
Before we start let's pray together
"Father, we come to You again with confidence and trust. We are not afraid to trust You. You have never yet failed or disappointed us, when we have come to You with our needs — and You will not fail nor disappoint us now. Help us to believe in You, even when all things seem to be against us, knowing that it is because the story of Your providence is not finished, that it seems to move adversely for us."

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