Da Crack Fox

09/24/2020 18:20

Workhorse Group-0
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Skinner09/24/2020 18:36
The ceo literally discussed this in detail


Skinner09/24/2020 18:36
This is part of the wkhs vehicle package... the vehicles log all sorts of data... this is a comment not directly from postmaster general... wkhs ceo already discussed ghis folka ... do some due diligence


Phelps38809/24/2020 18:34
This looks like a posted comment this is not from the USPS.

Skinner09/24/2020 18:40

Wow you are smarter than the others who posted but was this not 100% obvious


buzz$pring09/24/2020 18:34
Pretty sure these guys don’t hold much thought toward a post made to them when they have dozens of analysts crunching numbers as opposed to fairy fluff, but ok.


Dano 09/24/2020 18:32
Fake as F! Nothing on the Post Master site about this?

Phelps38809/24/2020 19:18

Totally obvious. Link posted above .

Skinner09/24/2020 18:41

It was a comment someone posted fool... guy didnt claim to be the postmaster did he


Car***com09/24/2020 18:31
Im pretty sure that is fake, it has numerous grammatical errors.

Skinner09/24/2020 18:47

Car are you really that stupid ??? I mean really???

Skinner09/24/2020 18:46

It was not made to look like anything but a comment... guys name is in the post

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Appizle24-809/24/2020 18:31


Doc185109/24/2020 18:27
Huh? Looks fake


Rell Billion09/24/2020 18:25
Great DD! Which article is this?

Jonny09/24/2020 18:31

This is just a comment on the site, not an article in its own right.


Pennytraderalwaygood09/24/2020 18:25
Where djd you find that can you share links


Met***com09/24/2020 18:23
Wow thats amazing news, if its real. Good job finding it

Met***com09/24/2020 18:35


Jonny09/24/2020 18:31

This is just a community comment on the Usps site.... nothing noteworthy.


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