money painter

09/25/2020 12:33

$Workhorse Group Mindblown by this dude .. Must be one of the rich ones trying to keep us poor
Workhorse Group-0
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Kirzii09/25/2020 13:15
I kinda like that guy 😂

MARINE-VET'9309/25/2020 13:46

Your ok in my book too Kirzii! lol.


MARINE-VET'9309/25/2020 13:06
Have a great day Chump Change Jones, I hope you do well.


Met***com09/25/2020 12:54
Easy to see trump supporters

MARINE-VET'9309/25/2020 12:59

easy to see "blame it all on others " losers also

Overthinker09/25/2020 12:58

Easy to see idiots


bad_slayer6909/25/2020 12:50
yeah he's right ? imagine the market volatility if a million idiots were jumping in and out cause they had 1000$ and it felt like the right time new traders need to learn somehow.


Kathmandu 09/25/2020 12:50
who Chump Change Jones?


Met***com09/25/2020 12:47
Im sure he enjoyed his stimulous check

MARINE-VET'9309/25/2020 13:05

dude, you are a joke.

money painter09/25/2020 13:04

And you sound like a boomer who wastes his time being toxic online thinking its cool

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TyrannosaurusFINANCE 09/25/2020 12:43
didn't everyone but Overstock. Wayfair and Novavaz back in mark and 10x ?


Nirtnee09/25/2020 12:41
started in March
turned 10k into 2 25k accounts and returned my initial investment

one for fun and one for options strategies for continued growth

used a cash account
options funds settle overnight so had 100% settled funds every day

if you are complaining about pdt then you need a better strategy

money painter09/25/2020 12:44

Yeah thats what im working on finding i may need to switch back to cash account.. I wish i couldve put that much in back then i was only able to start with about 1k back then and have been saving up every last penny since


MARINE-VET'9309/25/2020 12:40
Always someone else's fault.

MARINE-VET'9309/25/2020 13:07

nice, go to work high. loser.

money painter09/25/2020 12:50

Yepp lmao once again clueless its 6 am i have work at 8

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Overthinker09/25/2020 12:37
How? If you work hard and improve your worth you will have more. I dont see what your talking about cheddar

Overthinker09/25/2020 12:47

Hopefully with time, discipline, consistency and confidence we all can get to 25k and forget about this B.S

Overthinker09/25/2020 12:43

Oh I see

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eri***com09/25/2020 12:35
see. I did that once and news dropped and I missed out on 17k. think I'm gonna willing to risk.


MARINE-VET'9309/25/2020 12:34
always the man keeping you down.


MARINE-VET'9309/25/2020 12:33
chump change jones

MARINE-VET'9309/25/2020 12:37

your still chump change because you can only envy other people's success.

MARINE-VET'9309/25/2020 12:36


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